Updated: July 18, 2019
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Delicious Yuzu-Flavored Green Ramen at Ikebukuro's 'Rokkando'


'Rokkando' is a popular ramen shop in Tokyo's Ikebukuro neighborhood that serves ramen with green noodles! We went to find out why the noodles are green and see if the ramen was any good. It turns out the ramen is not only delicious but perhaps healthier than a standard bowl of ramen!

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The Whole Shop is Green! Ikebukuro's 'Rokkando'

'Rokkando' is located 7 minutes from JR Ikebukuro station. There's definitely a green theme running through the whole place, and everything from the sign outside, to the seats, to the water pitchers, and even the Heineken beer bottles are green! The shop has a pretty laid-back vibe that is very inviting. There are even several signatures from various celebrities who visited to see what all the fuss was about.

A Healthier Ramen With a Surprising Ingredient!

'Shio Green Noodle Yuzu Mitsuba' ¥850
This is the most popular ramen served at 'Rokkando.' Both the taste and appearance are fresh and green! The toppings on the noodles are menma, diced red onion, two types of chashu (chicken and pork), mitsuba (the greens), and grated yuzu.

This ramen lets you enjoy the beautiful, fresh fragrance of yuzu and crisp texture of the mitsuba.
The noodles are homemade and include euglena, green-colored algae that are loaded with more than 59 nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and DHA! It's a superfood that helps to make the noodles, the least-healthy part of the ramen, a bit healthier.
Surprisingly, the inclusion of the algae doesn't add any bitterness or strange flavors to the noodles, and they taste just like typical ramen noodles!
The clear, pretty ramen soup is made from a seafood broth and has a refreshing and gentle, yet full taste. It's the kind of soup that you can eat all day without getting sick of it. In contrast to most ramens, only a very small amount of oil is used to make the soup, so you can happily drain the bowl without feeling guilty!
On the table are some interesting seasonings to change the flavor of the ramen, if you so desire. There's Yuzu pepper sauce, and even algae powder to experiment with!

In Closing

When we think of ramen, the image of a delicious but very unhealthy bowl of noodles usually comes to mind. The ramen at 'Rokkando' in Ikebukuro, however, breaks the mold in this regard. The ramen here is much healthier than most other ramens, but it is healthier without sacrificing anything that makes it "ramen." If you're craving a refreshing bowl of noodles that is filled with flavor, give this place a try.
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