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Experience a Beautiful Wagyu Kaiseki Course at 'Rokkon' [Iidabashi] [PR]


'Rokkon' is a wonderful restaurant in Tokyo's Iidabashi neighborhood that specializes in wagyu (Japanese beef). All of the dining rooms are private, providing guests with a special dining experience. The must-try course is a magnificent wagyu kaiseki course featuring 24 different dishes for ¥6,000.

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Rokkon Iidabashi

'Rokkon' is a highly-regarded restaurant in Iidabashi, Tokyo, located just 3 minutes away from Iidabashi Station. The restaurant specializes in wagyu(Japanese beef) and offers a varied menu that includes shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, sashimi, tempura, and magnificent kaiseki courses. All of the tables at 'Rokkon' are in private dining rooms, giving guests a special and personalized dining experience.

Beautiful 24-Dish Wagyu Kaiseki Course

An example of a few of the items in the course
You can't go wrong with anything that you order at Rokkon, but the highly recommended choice in order to experience the best that the restaurant has to offer is the 'Rokkon Course.' This 24-dish kaiseki course is a gastronomical masterpiece that offers the chance to enjoy a small portion of 24 delicately prepared dishes. The course takes about two and a half hours to complete and will leave you feeling full and happy.

Course Details

Beautifully marbled wagyu that melts in the mouth
The course begins with several hors d'oeuvres that include yuba (a delicious tofu dish), lightly scorched wagyu sashimi, and seasonal fish and crab dishes. It then continues with a beautifully presented plate of seasonal sashimi, a variety of simmered and steamed dishes, grilled dishes (including a lovely one-bite wagyu steak with truffle salt), and pickled dishes.
An example of the seasonal sashimi from the course
The course then progresses to the 'ippin'(masterpiece) items, that include scorched wagyu sushi, wasabi-seasoned whelks, snow crab and uni, and yuzu daikon. Each dish has a unique flavor that is truly beautiful to experience. Following the 'ippin' dishes is the main course, rice cooked in a stone pot with sea bream. The course finishes with a bowl of clam-base red miso soup and a seasonal dessert.
The meal is truly like a journey that will introduce flavors and textures that you've probably never experienced before.

60+ varieties of Japanese Sake!

The beverage of choice to accompany a kaiseki course like the one above is unquestionably sake, Japan's traditional rice wine. Rokkon has more than 60 types of sake to choose from! If you're a sake connoisseur, you'll be able to pick from among some of the best sakes in Japan, otherwise, you can always ask for a recommendation!

Non-Course Items Worth Mentioning

In addition to the fabulous course introduced above, Rokkon has some other dishes that are outstanding and worth mentioning.

Kuroge Wagyu and Uni Bites

Kuroge Wagyu and Uni Bites, ¥1,980
Choice, delicate beef cut from the inner thigh is grilled and topped with uni (sea urchin) for a divinely creamy, juicy, umami-filled bite that is the pinnacle of luxury. This is worth ordering as an add-on, even if you decided on the course meal.

Kuroge Wagyu Sukiyaki

The sukiyaki at Rokkon is on another level. The beef used is chosen carefully each day, and only the best cuts with a perfect marbling balance of fat to red meat are selected. When you order sukiyaki, the server will cook it for you piece-by-piece, right at your table. Whether you love sukiyaki or you've never had it before, this is an outstanding place to enjoy it.

Visiting Rokkon

Rokkon is located just 3 minutes from Iidabashi Station. It is recommended to make a reservation before visiting Rokkon. If you don't speak Japanese, you can use the link below to get assistance with a reservation.

If you're looking for a fabulous, full kaiseki course that includes wagyu, Rokkon is a fantastic option. Give it a try!
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