Updated: July 31, 2019
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Must-Visit Michelin Star Crab Restaurant 'Katsukani' [Sapporo]


Located in the middle of Sapporo, 'Katsukani no Hanasaki'(活カニの花咲) is an outstanding restaurant that should be on every crab lover's bucket list! A true crab master, the chef prepares the live crab right in front of customers in a variety of ways, based on which part of the crab is being used.

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Hokkaido's Only Michelin-Starred Crab Restaurant

'Katsukani no Hanasaki' is a one-of-a-kind restaurant in Sapporo, Hokkaido that specializes in live crab. Hokkaido is famous for its crabs, but Katsukani is the only crab restaurant in Hokkaido to have earned a Michelin Star. A meal at Katsukani is more than just sitting down to eat crab; it's an interactive performance by a master crab chef, who prepares the meat in different ways right in front of you.

Magnificent Courses

Appetizers for the course
Guests at 'Katsukani no Hanasaki' order their meal as a course, with prices ranging from ¥32,076 for the least expensive (yet still lavish) seasonal course, to ¥41,580 for the extravagant V.I.P. course. The more expensive courses include abalone and more sashimi, but all courses focus on fresh Hokkaido king crab.
The price tag may seem high, but keep in mind the already expensive cost of premium Hokkaido crab and the fact that it is prepared in front of you by a Michelin-starred chef who is an expert on crab. The meal is definitely worth it!
Crab leg sashimi
The chef disassembles and prepares the crab in various ways as the meal progresses. After appetizers, the first bit of crab to be offered is sashimi. The meat has an amazing texture that almost bursts in your mouth and is very refreshing. After sashimi, meat that has barely been boiled is presented, allowing you to taste the change in the meat as it is cooked.
Lightly boiled crab leg
The third crab enjoyed is boiled slightly more, but still fairly rare, with a lovely salty and sweet flavor. Comparing each stage of cooking is extremely interesting and delicious!
Grilled crab
The course continues with grilled crab, boiled crab claws, lump meat, and abdomen, which is supposedly the most delicious part of the crab! Everything is unbelievably fresh and succulent. You will really feel like you've experienced everything that a crab has to offer by the end of the meal.
After the crab is gone, the meal finishes with a bowl of fresh ikura (salmon roe) over rice, followed two types of tea and fresh fruit for dessert.
Crab lump meat

Dining at Katsukani no Hanasaki

A reservation is required to dine at Katsukani, and needs to be made at least one day in advance (although it is advisable to reserve one month in advance, if possible). A reservation must be for a party of 2 or more people. See the link below if you need help to make a reservation in Japanese.

The restaurant is located on the 5th floor of a building directly outside Exit #7 of Housusukino Station, or 5 minutes walking from Susukino Station.
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