Updated: August 01, 2019
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5 sublime ice cream shops in Ginza you must try!


Looking for some amazing ice cream in Ginza? Then you might want to check out these five shops! They serve some of the best ice cream and cold treats in Tokyo.

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Coisof is famous for its beautiful deluxe parfaits served with a liqueur sauce.

This one is made with some domestic sesame oil, bamboo charcoal, and black cocoa powder, giving it a darker colour than regular chocolate ice cream and a refined rich taste. It also contains some Belgium chocolate pudding and brownie. The liqueur sauce is made from dark chocolate too. You can have it with (¥1,200) or without (¥1,000).
The restaurant is located within re:Dine Ginza, near the C8 Exit of Tokyo Metro's Ginza Station.


L'ibisco is a gelato ice cream shop that makes its own gelato ice cream daily from fresh cream and fruits. Ingredients used are all of great quality and that is reflected in the sublime taste and smooth texture of the ice cream. They have plenty of seasonal flavours too! If you're there during the spring, make sure to try their sakura (cherry blossom) flavour. If you want a taste of traditional Japan, then the matcha one is always a good choice. The price is about ¥500 to ¥700.


The other delicious gelato shop in Ginza is Luciano. They have so many interesting flavours that you might have a hard time choosing. Also, they specialize in herbal tea so you can pair your fruity gelato with a nice drink (hot or cold). Two scoops of gelato is ¥500.


Sno:la is a frozen yogurt stand based in Beverly Hills, USA. They are known for their organic yogurts, and it opened in Ginza, Tokyo in 2010, inside the department store Ginza Mitsukoshi located 3 minutes away from the station. You can order frozen yogurt that comes with their original sauce, such as "Italian tart and Sour Cherry Sauce" or "Dulce de Leche and Mango Passion Fruit Sauce." You can also add toppings such as fresh fruits, nuts, etc.

Jotaro Saito Cafe

Jotaro Saito is a brand best known for its kimono collections with modern influences. The cafe is actually adjacent to the kimono shop so you can enjoy seeing these really cool creations while you're there as well. You might think that ice cream from a kimono designer might not be the best option. Not the case! The sweets treats are really great! Both taste-wise and visually. They are quite high-end so they range in price from ¥1,000 to ¥2,000.

The cafe is located on the 4th floor of the Ginza Six shopping complex.

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