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Fantastic "Candy" Shaved Ice at 'Nanzan thé to thé' (Karuizawa) [PR]


'Nanzan thé to thé' is a shop in Old Karuizawa (Nagano Prefecture) that serves a new kind of shaved ice that combines the flavors of western and Japanese sweets to make what the shop calls "kashi-gori" or "Candy Ice." The special shaved ice can only be purchased here, and shouldn't be missed if you're visiting Karuizawa!

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Very Special Shaved Ice at Karuizawa's 'Nanzan thé to thé'

'Nanzan thé to thé' is a shop in Old Karuizawa that offers a new kind of shaved ice (kakigori), dubbed "kashi-gori" (Candy Ice). The special shaved ice is the brainchild of a Kyoto sweets artisan and combines the flavors of traditional Japanese sweets such as anko (sweet red bean) with western sweets like chocolate terrine and Turkish delight to create a mountain of sweet ice layered with luxurious ingredients that are one-of-a-kind.

The shaved ice is served in artisan pottery dishes from a Kyoto-based potter, and the sauce used to flavor the ice is specially made by a pâtissier in Kyoto and delivered directly to the shop in Karuizawa. The resulting luxurious shaved ice dishes are heavily influenced by Kyoto's culture while being unique to Karuizawa.

Sweet and Rich Uji Matcha Shaved Ice

'Tea Farmer's Uji Matcha and Anko (sweet red bean) Ice' ¥1,500 (Lg.), ¥1,200 (Med.), ¥900 (Sm.)
If you can only try one of the shaved ice dishes at Nanzan, go for the Uji Matcha and Anko shaved ice, which is both sweet and rich with an incredible matcha flavor.

The ice is layered with rich matcha-chocolate terrine and anko, giving it a classic Japanese flavor with a new twist that is irresistible.

Fragrant Roasted Uji Tea Shaved Ice

'Roasted Uji Green Tea and Anko (sweet red bean) Ice' ¥1,500 (Lg.), ¥1,200 (Med.), ¥900 (Sm.)
This shaved ice dish features a sauce made with a luxurious amount of wonderfully fragrant, roasted Uji green tea. The ice is layered with roasted tea-chocolate terrine and roasted tea anko and has a wonderful mellow fragrance and refreshing aftertaste.

This one is especially addicting on a hot summer day!

Mont Blanc-like Chestnut Shaved Ice

'Mont Blanc Chestnut and Anko (sweet red bean) Ice' ¥1,500 (Lg.), ¥1,200 (Med.), ¥900 (Sm.)
This chestnut-filled shaved ice is reminiscent of the famous Mont Blanc dessert. The chestnut sauce is made from a reduction of syrup and chestnut, and adds a lovely texture to the dish.

The ice is layered with chocolate terrine and chestnut anko, and is truly a chestnut-centric experience!

Chocolate Shaved Ice with Raspberries

'Specialty Chocolate and Anko (sweet red bean) Ice' ¥1,500 (Lg.), ¥1,200 (Med.), ¥900 (Sm.)
This exquisite shaved ice dish combines the rich sweetness of specialty chocolate with the refreshing tartness of whole raspberries.

The ice is layered with chocolate terrine, chocolate anko, and whole berries. The contrast of richness and tartness is a wonderful combination indeed.

Real Rose Shaved Ice

'Fragrant Rose and Anko (sweet red bean) Ice' ¥1,500 (Lg.), ¥1,200 (Med.), ¥900 (Sm.)
The fragrance of rose spreads throughout your mouth as you eat this exquisite rose-flavored shaved ice. The sauce is scented and flavored by using real rose petals, and the ice is layered with delectable rose terrine and rose anko. It's a sensual shaved ice that fills the palate with a wonderful fragrance.

Luxurious Strawberry Shaved Ice

'Luxurious Strawberry and Anko (sweet red bean) Ice' ¥1,300 (Lg.), ¥1,100 (Med.), ¥800 (Sm.)
This luxurious shaved ice dish features select Japanese strawberries with an incredible flavor. The ice is layered with a sweet and tart strawberry sauce, Turkish delight, and real strawberries, giving it a taste that is almost reminiscent of strawberry daifuku mochi!

Mango, Tapioca, and Anko Shaved Ice

'Mango, Tapioca, and Anko (sweet red bean) Ice' ¥1,300 (Lg.), ¥1,100 (Med.), ¥800 (Sm.)
This shaved ice dish is an homage to Taiwanese sweets. It features mango and tapioca pearls, both ingredients that are loved by Taiwanese people. The rich and sweet mango sauce, mango pieces, and mango anko are complemented by the chewiness of tapioca pearls and Turkish delight, giving the dish a wonderful character.

Yamagata White Peach Shaved Ice

'Yamagata White Peach and Anko (sweet red bean) Ice' ¥1,300 (Lg.), ¥1,100 (Med.), ¥800 (Sm.)
White peach sauce, fresh white peach pieces, and white peach anko make up this divine shaved ice dish.

The sweet and mellow flavor of the Yamagata prefecture-picked white peaches creates a delectable sauce that turns the ice into a soft and fluffy pile of peach-flavored snow.

These Incredible Shaved Ice Delicacies Can Only be Enjoyed Here in Karuizawa at 'Nanzan thé to thé!'

If you're visiting the beautiful mountain town of Karuizawa this summer, make sure to pay a visit to Nanzan thé to thé to try one of these spectacular shaved ice creations.

There are seats for people travelling with pets, and room for child strollers, making it very family-friendly! Additionally, if you enjoy sake, there is a menu of sake to pair with the shaved ice dishes to further enhance the experience.

Don't miss this Karuizawa-only dessert while you're in town!
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