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Enjoy 30 kinds of succulent, flavoured clams at Re:Dine Ginza [PR]


Hombino, a new resident restaurant at the shared kitchen restaurant re:Dine Ginza, is now serving 30 kinds of flavoured clam dishes. From hot and spicy to mild and creamy, you're bound to find your favourite flavour!

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Enjoy 30 mouth-watering flavours of steamed clams

Re:Dine Ginza is currently featuring a restaurant called Hombino, which specializes in clam and french fries.

Hombino's clams are steamed and flavoured in 30 different ways. The standard wine-steamed clams are delicious, but you can also try all kinds of original spicy or creamy flavourings for a new twist. Even in large groups of people with varied preferences, everyone is bound to find a clam flavouring that they love.
The clams come served in a bowl with the natural umami-packed stock they were steamed in. You can drink the soup as is, or better yet, use it as a dipping soup for your fries.

Some popular flavours

Mala sauce & spring onions (¥2,250, taxes not included)
Mala sauce is a spicy Chinese hotpot sauce that combines chili pepper and Sichuan peppercorn. The former is responsible for the hot and spicy taste and the later gives a tingly, numbing sensation. This sauce goes perfectly with the mellow fresh taste of the Japanese spring onions. You won't be disappointed with this choice if you like spicy dishes with character.
Rich sea urchin cream (¥2,250, taxes not included)
If you're want to eat something creamy and mild-tasting instead, this dish might be a good option. Along with the clams, it features delicious sea urchins ('uni' in Japanese) that add a pleasant seashore scent. Uni is a Japanese delicacy known for its soft creamy texture and its distinctive oceanic umami. If you've never had uni, this is your chance to enjoy them in a great dish.

Don't forget to order French fries!

French fries (¥300, taxes not included)
Drenched in clam soup is Hombino's recommended way to enjoy their French fries, and it's absolutely succulent! Fries on the side menu are only ¥300. You've got to give this a try.

Pasta, rissoto, or tantanmen to end your meal

Pasta (¥700, taxes not included)
Cooked in the clam soup to give them extra savouriness, you can end your meal with pasta, risotto, or tantanmen. The Asakusa Cherry Blossom Pasta is particularly recommended. The fresh pasta with a wheat scent goes really well with the seafood stock.

Enjoy Hombino's scrumptious dishes in the spacious interior of Re:Dine Ginza

Re:Dine Ginza is a shared kitchen restaurant with 120 seats. Hombino is starting its residency at re:Dine but you can also enjoy the cuisine of several other chefs while you're there. It's a great place to discover all kinds of innovative cooking. Give it a try next time you're in Ginza.
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