Updated: October 18, 2019
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Five Michelin-Starred Sushi Restaurants in Sapporo You Need to Try!


Hokkaido is known for its delicious seafood, so it only makes sense that it's biggest city, Sapporo, has some truly outstanding Michelin-starred sushi restaurants. Here are five that are sure to satisfy any and all sushi-lovers.

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1 Michelin Star: Sushi Dokoro Arima  鮨処有馬

One of the best sushi restaurants in Hokkaido, Arima should be on everyone's Hokkaido hit-list. The omakase(chef's choice) course here is a reasonable 13,000 yen and includes 6 tsumami dishes, a steamed item, 9 pieces of sushi, egg, and a soup dish. Arima locally sources its seafood as much as possible, and the effort shows. The seafood is of superb quality, and the straightforward sushi accentuates the local, Hokkaido freshness. By the end of the course, your tummy will be happily filled, and you will be grinning ear-to-ear.

Sushidokoro Arima is located 7 minutes away from Susukino Station, in Sapporo. As mentioned above, it is extremely popular, so booking in advance is a must (unless you're really lucky).

1 Michelin Star: Maruzushi まる鮨

The moment you walk into this secluded restaurant, you'll be struck by the peaceful atmosphere of the place. Maruzushi only has nine counter seats. You absolutely have to make a reservation to have a chance to enter.

The style at this restaurant is said to be 'Edomae', which originates from Tokyo, but with the difference that the neta (toppings) are local ingredients from Hokkaido. Typical Edomae sushi only includes fish that could be taken from Tokyo bay. Another difference here with the Edomae sushi is the mild-tasting white rice vinegar that is used, as opposed to the strong-flavored red one typically added to the rice of Edomae sushi. The restaurant also has some excellent sake and shochu to pair with your meal. Feel free to ask for recommendations.

A dinner course at Maruzushi will cost you around ¥20,000 to ¥30,000.

1 Michelin Star: Takuzushi 田久鮓

Takuzushi is a no-nonsense sushi counter that serves top-notch sushi in a very hip and stylish all-white dining room. The decor may be modern, but the sushi served is classic, using red vinegar for the shari and wonderfully fresh 'neta' (toppings) that are sourced locally or from wherever in the country has the best ingredients that day. In addition to the fantastic nigiri sushi, the small plate dishes are also outstanding, and well worth the extra cost of the full omakase course.
For those who like to drink, the restaurant also specializes in wine and sake pairings to go with the omakase course. This is a wonderful place for a splurge on a fantastic sushi meal that you won't soon forget!

Takuzushi offers a variety of courses that are quite reasonably priced, given the quality of the great sushi. The simplest course which features 10 nigiri pieces is ¥5,500, or the 12-piece nigiri course is ¥6,800. However, it's worth your money to go for either the ¥12,000 course that includes 12 nigiri and 7 otsumami (small plates), or ¥15,000 for the full-blown seasonal nigiri sushi course with otsumami.

2 Michelin Stars: Sushisai Wakichi 鮨菜 和喜智

'Sushisai Wakichi' is a 2 Michelin Star-restaurant that is very well known. The restaurant is only open on weekdays, with two seating times (6 pm and 8 pm). It almost goes without saying that a reservation is absolutely necessary, but the exceptional flavors and quality of ingredients make it worth the hassle of reserving.
The sushi is simple yet refined and is guaranteed to please even the most astute gourmet. The omakase course is what all guests enjoy for their meal, and ordering single pieces isn't an option. However, not a single piece of the impeccable sushi presented will disappoint.

3 Michelin Stars: Sushi Tanabe 鮨 田なべ

only a handful of restaurants in Sapporo have earned the esteemed privilege of 3 Michelin Stars. One such restaurant is Sushi Tanabe, which was awarded 3 Michelin Stars in 2012. Apart from the incredible food, the beautiful interior of the restaurant and outstanding service are everything that you would hope from a Michelin 3-star restaurant. It truly would be worth traveling to Hokkaido even if the only thing you did was eat here.
Despite its reputation, Tanabe is surprisingly reasonable, and even offers a nigiri-only course that is under ¥10,000! This restaurant should definitely be on your list if you have time to make a reservation before your trip.
Tanabe is located in a very accessible location just 5 minutes from Sapporo Station.

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