Updated: August 20, 2019
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Late Night Ramen in Harajuku. 5 Great Shops Open Past 10 pm


For being such a hip and popular spot, many of Harajuku's restaurants close fairly early (when compared to somewhere like nearby Shibuya Station). Searching for a late-night bowl of ramen can be more of a challenge than you'd expect! We're here to help. This is a list of 5 ramen shops that are open late!

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Open until 11:30 pm! Clear-Broth Soup at 'AFURI'

'Afuri' can be found 3 minutes away from Harajuku Station, in a nice-looking building with great atmosphere. The shop originated in Kanagawa prefecture and serves a lighter, clear soup ramen that is easy to eat. The popular items here are the yuzu shio ramen and yuzu shoyu ramen, both of which are fantastic.

Note: Afuri also offers a vegan ramen, in case you're traveling with a non-meat-eater!

Open until Midnight! Thick Shio Ramen at 'Oreryu Shio Ramen'

Oreryu Otokomori Ramen, ¥980
'Oreryu Shio Ramen' is 5 minutes away from Harajuku Station.
The thick soup is made by cooking chicken bones and cartilage on low heat and has an amazing flavor and texture that complement the thin noodles. The great thing about this shop is the amount of free toppings that are offered, including konbu, ume, and yuzukosho, allowing customers to truly customize their bowl of ramen!

Open Until Midnight! Hokkaido Tonkotsu Ramen Shop 'Ramen Santouka'

Located 4 minutes’ walk from Meiji-jingumae Station, 'Santouka' is a popular shop which has branch shops both inside and outside Japan. The cloudy pork broth soup of their specialty, Shio Ramen, is not too heavy, so you can enjoy it to the last drop. It also matches perfectly with fastidiously made noodles that are thin and wavy.

Open Until Midnight! Thick Tonkotsu Ramen at 'Nogata Hope'

'Zenbunose' (All Toppings) ramen
'Nogata Hope' is located an 8 minutes’ walk from Harajuku Station. The rich taste of their pork broth soup has not been changed since the shop was established in 1988. The soup base is made from pork bones, vegetables, and chicken bones, and is combined with soy sauce and pork fat to make an incredibly flavorful soup that goes wonderfully with the thick, chewy noodles.

Open Until 10:45! Hakata-Style Tonkotsu Ramen 'Ichiran'

Ichiran is possibly the best-known ramen chain restaurant in Japan. The restaurant started in Fukuoka in 1966. It was a local favorite there but did not expand into a chain until 1993. People then quickly recognized the quality of Ichiran's natural tonkotsu ramen and its popularity exploded from there. Luckily, the Harajuku location is open until 10:45 pm, so you can get a taste of this famous ramen even if it's late!

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