Updated: October 10, 2019
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Sweets to try at the Tokyu Food Show in Shibuya


A fun place to visit in Shibuya is the underground floor of the Tokyu Department store, where you can find the Tokyu Food Show. Here are some sweets that you might want to try while you explore this gourmet spot.

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Tokyu Food Show

Tokyu Department Store in Shibuya on the right
Tokyu is a famous department store chain in Tokyo. There is a major location in Shibuya, directly connected to Shibuya station.
Tokyu Food Show shop
Among other things, Tokyu Shibuya is famous for is its Tokyu Food Show. Head to the basement floor of Tokyo Shibuya and you'll see a countless number of small take-out shops selling bento boxes, gift sets, and delicacies from all over Japan.

It is actually common in Japan to find food halls on the basement floor of department stores (they're called 'depachika') but very few compare in size to the sprawling Tokyu Food Show.

If you plan to explore the Tokyu Food Show, here are some foods you might want to try.

Ice cream

Be on the lookout for some delicious ice cream! Many local shops are represented. The one pictured above is 'Aisu-no Ie' which offers soft-serve ice cream made with quality ingredients, notably Hokkaido milk and eggs.
Another great shop for ice cream is '108 Matcha'. If you want a more traditional taste then this might be your choice because they specialize in some delectable matcha green tea ice cream. The picture here is a tapioca ball parfait with matcha ice cream (¥500).


This choco-mint doughnut (¥238) by R Baker was a massive hit during the summer of 2019. The balance of sweet and bitter chocolate with the fresh taste of mint is spot on. Combine it with a cup of coffee and you'll be in heaven. Chocolate and mint summer products are extremely popular in Japan. This is a good one to try.
R Bakery is famous for offering all kinds of tasty original breads.

Japanese sweet karinto

This is a specialty from Fukuoka called 'karinto', which is essentially a fried dough cake made from sweet potatoes. This one is special because it has a soft inside and a hard crust, unlike the regular karinto that is hard to its core. Definitely give this one a try for a taste of southern Japan.


This is called anmitsu, a type of Japanese retro dessert that is still somewhat popular today. It consists of sweet bean paste, mochi balls and fruits among other ingredients. The cute one pictured here is by Asakusa Baien.

Bubble teas

Bubble tea is so popular in Japan right now that shops are coming up with all kinds of new arrangements and flavours to distinguish their products from the competition. Pariya has done a great job with their lineup! They have green tea, cheese and coffee flavours.

Anpan with butter

This little bun is stuffed with a super thick layer of sweet bean paste on top of which there is a generous amount of melting butter. The combination of these two ingredients is surprisingly amazing.

And if you want something hearty...

If you've worked up an appetite, you might want to try Niku Yama's famous curry. This one is topped with beef cutlets and an egg. So incredibly good and hearty and delicious! It costs just around ¥800. You can eat it at the eat-in corner.


Tokyu Food Show is a fun spot to visit while you're in Shibuya, and repeated visits are interesting too because of the seasonal specialties. Remember that this place is also one of the best to buy some original Japanese food souvenirs.
Japanese food culture enthusiast. Love to explore new areas and discover local specialties.

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