Updated: August 22, 2019
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5 dangerously addictive ramen joints in Aomori

Aomori City

Aomori has a lot of really great-tasting ramen joints, with some local variations too! Make sure to try these outstanding places next time you're in the area.

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Nagao Chuka Soba

The soup at this ramen shop is so addictively delicious. Nothing compares to it. It's a 'niboshi'-based broth (dried sardines) that also combines a lot more ingredients but the chef keeps those secret. The noodles made from domestic wheat are really tasty and springy. They're the perfect match for the soup. As for the meat, it's cooked sous-vide (low temperature for a long time), which makes it extra tender.

Nagao Chuka Soba has two locations. The original is at about a 10-minute walk from Shin Aomori station, and there is another newer location near Aomori station.

Kudo Ramen

This house restaurant of longstanding has some pretty amazing light ramen. The broth is made from grilled dried sardines which is the traditional way to make it in Aomori apparently. There is not even a light film of oil in this soup, so it is very light yet packed with delicious umami. It has thin wavy noodles, and as a topping, you'll have two pieces of rather hard chashu which is also the traditional characteristic of Aomori ramen.


This ramen's soup takes a full three days to make from a mixture of dried sardines, pork and chicken. The result is a complex, deep-tasting umami that will make you want to drink your soup to the last drop. You might want to try the 'tsukemen' (dipping noodles) here. You get a mountain of noodles with the basic ramen toppings along with it. It's actually quite beautifully presented! As for the tsukemen soup, it's an even richer version than the standard ramen soup so you'll definitely feel the punch.

Marukai Ramen

This joint located a 5-minute walk from Aomori station offers some cheep (¥600) yet so delicious soy-based ramen. You get four pieces of chashu pork as a topping so it's filling too. The noodles are rather on the hard side, pretty thick and straight.


This joint has some ramen that is similar to what you would find in Hokkaido, that is to say, they use miso paste to make the rich broth, and they also add some butter to it! It's super tasty. They also have their unique Aomori twist, which is that they add curry powder as well. The result is the perfect combination of flavours to create dangerously addictive ramen. The curry miso ramen with milk is the number item here.

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