Updated: August 30, 2019
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Have Increddible, Premium Kobe Beef in Kobe at 'Takakura'


Kobe Beef is famous around the world for its quality and is the most expensive of all wagyu (Japanese beef). To be certified as 'Kobe Beef,' the cattle must meet stringent standards and be raised within Hyogo Prefecture (where Kobe is). If you're looking for a delicious kobe beef meal right at the source in Kobe, look no further than 'Kobe Gyu Takakura.'

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Why Go?

Kobe beef is famous around the world for a reason: it's incredibly tender, juicy, and umami-filled. Premium Kobe beef almost bursts in your mouth like eating a warm grape. If you've never tried premium A5 Kobe beef before, you've got to do it at least once in your lifetime.

What better place to try premium Kobe beef than at the source in Kobe. 'Kobe Gyu Takakura,' is a small restaurant in Kobe that focuses specifically on premium Kobe Beef steaks. There's no frills or gimmicks, just amazing, top-of-the-top grade premium Kobe Beef. The price you pay is based on the amount and cut of beef that you choose, which is then cooked to perfection by the chef. Check out the prices and pictures below to get an idea of the quality of the beef served here.


The price you pay for your meal is dependent on which cut of meat you choose for your steak. Any steak can be made into a set meal with rice, salad, and soup for ¥800, or a course meal with additional beef-focused side dishes for ¥2,800.

The prices for the various cuts of meat are as follows:
Premium Rib-eye
120g: ¥10,800
180g: ¥16,200
300g: ¥27,000
Premium Sirloin
120g: ¥12,800
180g: ¥19,200
300g: ¥32,000
Premium Filet
120g: ¥18,800
180g: ¥28,200
300g: ¥47,000
Premium Chateaubriand
120g: ¥25,800
180g: ¥38,700
300g: ¥64,500
Red Meat Steak
80g: ¥2,500
120g: ¥3,700
180g: ¥5,500
High-grade Red Meat Steak
80g: ¥3,700
120g: ¥5,500
180g: ¥8,500

Reservations / Access

Takakura is a very small restaurant with only 8 counter seats and one private dining room. It's a good idea to book well ahead of time to make sure you can get a seat! Check the link below if you need help reserving in Japanese.

Takakura is located about 2 minutes away from Sannomiya Station, in downtown Kobe. Look for the red sign along the top of the storefront.
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