Updated: August 30, 2019
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Taste the Famous Tsukemen of 'Tomita' Near Tokyo Station!

Tokyo Station

'Tomita' is perhaps the most highly-regarded ramen shop in all of Japan, having been crowned Tokyo's best ramen shop by TRY (Tokyo Ramen of the Year) 4 times! The original location is in neighboring Chiba prefecture, but as of 2019, a new location was opened in the middle of Tokyo at Tokyo Station! If you're curious to try this legendary tsukemen, it's now easier than ever!

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Tomita tsukemen in Tokyo Station?!

Just one minute from Tokyo Station, inside 'Kitte Marunouchi,' you'll find a line stretching out of a newly-opened ramen shop called 'Matsudo Tomita Menban.' This is the newsest location of the legendary Chiba-based ramen shop that won 'Best Ramen Shop in Tokyo' 4 times, and was even featured in a documentary film.

Even half a year after it opened, there's still a long queue out the door!
After a long wait, you might as well go all out and order the most luxurious 'Gensou Pork Zenbu Nose Noukou Tsukemen,' shown above for ¥1,770
A plate of each type of pork chashu (made from Chiba prefecture's famous Gensou Pork) is served next to a neatly piled bowl of brown, super-fat noodles and extra-thick soup.
Look at these beautiful noodles! Tomita is famous for his signature noodles, which are quite darker than a typical noodle, and about as thick and fat as they come!

The noodles themselves have quite a strong wheat taste and scent that is much stronger than your typical noodle! It's quite impressive, actually.
The soup is also stronger than most! The broth is a mix of pork bone and seafood that packs a punch! Often times ramen soup made with this combination tastes most strongly of seafood, but this soup is different. Both the seafood and pork bone flavors come through with a huge impact!

It's not just strong flavors, though. There's also a wonderful hint of yuzu flavor that nicely balances all of the salty tastes, creating a symphony of harmonious flavor.
The soup is so thick that is coats the noodles and stays there when you pull them out. It's a true thing of beauty for a ramen lover to behold!
The chashu from left to right is: pork belly, butt, and ham (plus an ajitama).
The pork belly chashu is tender and flavorful, everything that you would expect from a great chashu. The butt chashu is meaty, almost like steak, and is satisfying to eat. The ham chashu is delicate and silky and seems to melt in the mouth. All are delicious in their own way, and I recommend you order all with your ramen too!
The ajitama is cooked well on the outside, and flavored in a soy sauce-based marinade for flavor. the inside is wonderfully soft and creamy, a perfect match for the thick soup.
When you're finished with the noodles and toppings, the cook will kindly water down the dipping broth so that you can eat it like a soup. The flavor also changes slightly, which is interesting to sample and enjoy.

If you're curious about this legendary ramen, try it out next time you're around Tokyo Station!

I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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