Updated: August 30, 2019
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Starbucks Japan: new colourful frappuccinos and autumn food lineup!

Starbucks Japan is introducing some vividly-coloured early fall apple frappuccinos. Some interesting food items made through special collaborations are also being featured this fall.

Aug 30, 2019(Fri) - Sep 19, 2019(Thu)
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'Artful Autumn' 2019 frappuccinos at Starbucks Japan

Under Starbucks chosen theme of 'colours', the popular chain cafe is introducing some Japan-limited bright-coloured frappuccinos.

On the left is the Green Apple Jelly and on the right is the Backed Apple Pink.

The green one is made with some green apple jelly and contains some crisp pieces of real fruit. Sweet, sour, refreshing and creamy, it's an ideal drink to enjoy during the lingering summer heat that extends into the fall.

The pink one has some baked apple compote and is topped with some crunchy pieces of apple crumble. This is the perfect drink if you're looking for something sweet and creamy with a nice crunch to it.

If you want to cut down on the rich cream these frappuccinos are famous for, note that you can also have them in iced tea version.

Both frappuccinos are ¥580 (tall only).

Special collaborations

You can now enjoy HUDSON MARKET BAKERS' fluffy American muffins made from quality grains and soy milk that come from the popular Azabujuban bakery.

They're offered for ¥230 a muffin in three different flavours: blueberry, apple cinnamon, and banana chocolate chips.
Also featured are these superb thick apple pies made possible through a collaboration with Aomori prefecture's apple growers. The one pictured here is topped with pieces of apple crumble. From Oct. 1st they'll also be a classic apple pie on the menu.
And if you want a healthy light meal, you might want to consider this new sandwich and wrap lineup developed by chef Hitoshi Sugiura who has won international prizes for his innovative cuisine.

The wrap is stuffed with vegetable and chicken (¥420), one of the sandwiches has some smoked chicken and mushrooms (¥480) and the other is made with roast pork (¥460).
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