Updated: September 03, 2019
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'Tapioca Don' (Tapioca Rice Bowl) Now Available in Tokyo.


In the midst of the great tapioca craze of 2019, Fuji Soba, a chain soba restaurant began offering a 'Tapioca Tsukedon' (pickled tapioca rice bowl) which has been creating a bit of a stir on SNS. Check it out:

Sep 01, 2019(Sun) - Sep 14, 2019(Sat)
Fuji Soba (4 Locations in Tokyo)
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'Tapioca Tsukedon' Created to Resemble Ikuradon

Tokyo has been overtaken by a tapioca whirlwind this year, with dozens of new shops opening up and even a pop-up tapioca "theme park" created in harajuku through the middle of September. Riding on this bubble tea wave, a chain restaurant called Fuji Soba decided to create a dish featuring tapioca that they call 'Tapioca Tsukedon'(タピオカ漬け丼). The rice bowl resembles a more expensive dish called ikuradon, which features raw ikura (salmon roe) over rice.
The tapioca don has been making quite a buzz on social media, and surprisingly, most people report that it actually tastes quite good!

Tapioca + Dashi + Soy Sauce = Delicious?

The tapioca pearls are marinated in soy sauce and dashi (soup stock) and apparently make for a tasty rice topping! The dish is sold as a set with a bowl of soba for ¥560, and can be purchased from 4 Fuji Soba locations in Tokyo (Shinjuku, Kamiyacho, Ichigaya, and Ochanomizu). The dish is currently planned to be offered only through September 14th, so if you're interested in trying it, go soon!
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