Updated: September 03, 2019
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The Best Affordable Restaurants in Asakusa (Cheap and Delicious!)


Asakusa is an old Tokyo neighborhood that is filled with great restaurants. If you're looking to save some yen while eating a completely delicious meal, check out this list of our recommendations. The genre of food is included in the title. Enjoy!

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Affordable Ramen: Yoroiya

Luckily, ramen is affordable no matter where you go in Japan! Instead, we're introducing one of the best and most famous ramen shops in Asakusa; Yoroiya. Asakusa is one of Tokyo's ramen mechas, and Yoroiya is the most famous shop in the neighborhood. The shop is very close to the iconic Sensoji, located right off the bustling Nakamise Shopping Street. You can always expect to see a line formed outside, as the famous shop is loved by Tokyoites and tourists alike.

The shop owner is a born and raised Asakusa-ite and grew up eating Asakusa's chuka soba, which is the influence behind the ramen served here. The amber soup, medium-thick noodles, homemade menma, and nori are all reminiscent of a classic Tokyo-style ramen. Anything you get here is fantastic.

Affordable Tempura: Tempura Seiko

If you just want super-cheap tempura, heading to a chain restaurant like 'Tendon Tenya' is definitely the least expensive option. However, if you pay just a little bit more, you can eat some truly great tempura at Tempura Seiko, one of the highest-rated tempura shops in Asakusa. At lunchtime, their 'Seasonal Tendon' (tempura rice bowl) is ¥1,600, which is quite reasonable considdering the quality.
Dinner is a bit more expensive, with courses starting at ¥5,000. To experience some really top-notch tempura, this is definitely the recommended place to go!

Affordable Sushi: Ganso Sushi

Ganso Sushi is located close to Asakusa station (the original location is 2 blocks away from the station, next to Nakamise shopping street). This conveyor belt restaurant's sushi dishes start at ¥100 and go up from there. Depending on how much and what kind of fish you eat, expect to pay less than ¥2,000. In terms of conveyor belt sushi, this one is a classic. Don't expect it to be on par with a fancy sushi counter, but do be prepared to be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the delicious sushi. You can sit at the bar and order directly from the chef, or wait for something that looks good to circle around and grab it!

Affordable Okonomiyaki: Matsuri Bayashi

Each table at Matsuribayashi has a large teppan grill in the center. The store's specialty is actually monjayaki (basically like okonomiyaki stew that you cook on the grill) but the okonomiyaki and yakiniku are also delicious - and affordable. Most of the okonomiyakis and monjayakis are around ¥1,000, so you can try several different kinds if you're eating with a group!

Affordable Soba: Soba Ozawa

Soba is one of the most classic Japanese foods. Here at Ozawa, you can try three different types of soba noodles with varying thickness. In addition, the restaurant offers a special sesame soup for dipping the noodles, which is not commonly seen at other soba shops. The wonderful thing about Ozawa is that although the food is fantastic, the price is extremely reasonable, with most sets priced around 1,000 yen! If you're feeling unsure what to eat, go with soba!

Affordable Old-School Comfort Food: Denkiya Hall

Denkiya Hall is a family-run restaurant established over 100 years ago. The interior is full of retro Showa-era decorations which create an amazing nostalgic atmosphere.

The menu is based on the owner's grandpa's recipes. They have a variety of classic items to choose from, with prices below ¥1,000. If you don't know what to get, try their signature menu 'Omumaki,' which is stir-fried noodles wrapped in an omelet. The restaurant also serves a delicious dessert menu, making it a nice spot to drop by for an afternoon break if you're in between meals.


Hopefully, something in this article caught your eye! If you're looking to eat cheap yet delicious food in Asakusa, these are some of the best places to do it. If you decided that you'd actually rather spend a bit more on your meal, check out one of our other articles:

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