Updated: September 06, 2019
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Must-try fluffy fruit sandwiches in Tokyo at 'Kajitsuen'


We went to try out famous Fruit Parlor Kajitsuen's breakfast fruit sandwich set in Shinjuku, and it did not disappoint! The sandwiches are packed with cream and succulent fresh fruits and the set comes with coffee too. Here's what it looks like!

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Opens at 7:30 AM with a nice reasonably-priced breakfast menu

Fruit Parlor Kajitsuen (果実園) is a restaurant with a couple of locations in Tokyo, most famous for its gorgeous, albeit a bit expensive, fruit parfaits.

One thing about the restaurant that is lesser-known, yet definitely worth the try, is their nice and quite affordable breakfast sets. They have six of them, all under ¥1,000, and all have pretty generous portions of fruits and other foods too.

Here's the Shinjuku location we visited.
The shop has been around for over 50 years in Tokyo. Apparently the owner still goes himself to the fruit market to select what he thinks are the best possible ingredients so everything you get at Kajitsuen is made of perfectly ripened seasonal fruits. The quality is comparable to high-end fruit parlors you find in fancy neighbourhoods of Tokyo, yet the prices are comparatively lower. This is why Kajitsuen has been popular for decades.

Fruit sandwich - a classic in Japan

Fruit Sandwich Set (¥880, taxes not included)
Fancy fruit sandwiches are a staple of old fashion cafes in Japan, and cheaper versions are also widely available at convenience stores. You should definitely give them a try while you're here.

The fruit sandwich at Kajitsuen looked pretty good so we gave the fruit sandwich set a try. It's one of their signature sets after all, and it has been popular for over 25 years.

The set comprises six pieces of crustless cream and fruit-filled sandwiches along with pieces of fruit and a salad.

Soft, creamy fruit-packed sandwiches

These are true deluxe fruit sandwiches that don't compare to the cheap versions you get at convenience stores. They have large chunks of eight different kinds of fruits that include strawberries, pineapples, bananas, mangos, and blueberries.
The cream is light so that it doesn't overpower the fruit taste. Take a bite and the fresh flavors and juiciness of perfectly ripened fruits spread in your mouth with just the right amount of whipped cream to assist.
The fruits you get served on the side will depend on the season. We went during the summer so we got some delicious watermelon and melon, which are both super pricey in Japan.

All-you-can-drink coffee and tea!!!

With any morning set, you get access to a coffee and tea bar. Considering that a basic cup of coffee in Japan is around ¥300 at most restaurants and cafes, this makes the morning sets at Kajitsuen even better!

In closing...

Note that you can get the sandwich set past the morning hours but it'll cost you an extra ¥100 and you won't get all-you-can-drink coffee either. At any rate, give Kajitsuen a try! Their famous parfaits are quite special for sure, but the lesser-known morning sets are definitely worth it too!
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