Updated: September 06, 2019
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'Uozman': quite possibly the best seafood izakaya in Kawasaki

The independent seafood izakaya Uozman in Kawasaki is a local sensation. Try their entrees, gorgeous sashimi platters or their delectable fish skewers for some pure Japanese izakaya magic.

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If you happen to be in Kawasaki, here's an Izakaya that's worth the try. It's called Uozman and it specializes in fish, served both grilled and raw.

Located very near the Mizonokuchi station, it not only has superb food at a pretty affordable price, but the atmosphere is really perfect too if you like the old school, rough-around-the-edges izakaya vibe.

First, choose your appetizer

First thing you'll notice that is a bit unusual at Uozman is that you get to choose your 'otoshi' (a kind of mandatory appetizer that you receive at a small charge at many Japanese restaurants). On the day we went, we could choose from snow peas, onion soup or boiled peanuts.

We had the slightly salted and tender boiled peanuts which were a nice choice to pair with the alcohol that we had. It's always good to start with this kind of light snack to have with a drink. This is the typical way to enjoy a Japanese izakaya.

Order 3 small dishes out of a choice of 40 for just ¥980

Another thing that is different at this izakaya is that you can order sets of three dishes for a fixed price of just ¥980. You can order each item individually too but you get much better value if you order sets of three.
For instance, this yummy potato salad is ¥580 a la carte, so you're much better to have with the three items special.

I personally don't think much of potato salads but this one is apparently one of the most popular side dishes in the izakaya so I gave it a try. It was creamy and had a nice seasoning too. No regrets here!
This one is called 'Shirako Ponzu', which is soft roe with some citrusy ponzu sauce. It was super fresh and had a savoury milky taste. Shirako in Japan is somewhat of a delicacy. If you order this one a la carte it would cost you ¥680, so once again your much to get it as part of a set. One thing you should know however is that it's, well... fish sperm.
This is kind of a cheaper one on the menu at ¥380 a la carte but I highly recommend it because it was so delicious.

It's simply avocado with bits of salty kombu seaweed as a topping. The combination of the salty seaweed with its distinctive umami and the creaminess of the avocado was spot on.

The signature sashimi platter

Once you've had a couple of appetizers, the thing nearly all customers order is the sashimi platter.

I had the seven kinds of sashimi plate for ¥1,980.
You can actually choose specifically from a list which kind of sashimi you want, but I suggest you do as I did and leave it to the chef that knows exactly what's in-season and fresh.

This plate included bonito, sea bream, great amberjack, some kind of shellfish, tuna and salmon. Everything tasted really good with no fishy smell indicating sub-par quality in sashimi. Thinking back at the volume of sashimi on the plate and the price I paid, this was definitely a good deal. It's obvious why virtually everyone orders it.

How about some grilled seafood skewers too?

Japan is famous for raw fish but the way they grill fish too is actually the best I've ever had.

Uozman skewers were so incredibly delicious. You can choose five types of fish or other kinds of seafood of your choice and make them a set for ¥1,100.
Here you see at the bottom some buttered scallops and above them a monkfish karaage (deep-fried) skewer.

They both had their own kind of seasoning that was the perfect match.
From top to bottom here you see a skewer made with the cheek part of a tuna fish with some leek, sablefish with a saikyo yaki seasoning (with white miso), and a 'komochi shishamo' (grilled smelt with roe).

It's incredible how these fish were juicy and had a condensed umami taste.


I thoroughly enjoyed this tavern!

I liked the fact that every set is customizable to your preferences and that they have so many choices, and I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality of everything considering that the price is rather on the cheap side. People report paying around ¥4,000 in an evening at Uozman.

Definitely try it out next time you're in or around Kawasaki!
Japanese food culture enthusiast. Love to explore new areas and discover local specialties.

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