Updated: September 06, 2019
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5 Shops in Tokyo with Must-Try Scrumptious Sweet Potato Desserts!

It's almost autumn, and in Japan, that means sweet potato season! Japanese sweet potatoes are wonderfully sweet and delicious even just when roasted and eaten plain, but are also used to make a variety of sweets that are simply delectable. Here is a list of 5 places to go in Tokyo for a special sweet potato treat!

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[Ebisu] Sweet Potato Parfait at 'Japanese Ice Ouca'

Ouca is located on the first floor of a building just 2 minutes away from Ebisu Station. It's an ice cream shop that specializes in '和風' (wa-fu = Japanese style) ice creams. During sweet potato season, this 'Roasted Sweet Potato Ice Cream' is definitely the recommended item! The creamy vanilla ice cream is a perfect complement to the perfectly roasted sweet potato!
Note: the shop is temporarily closed, but is scheduled to reopen in 2020!

[Asakusa] Daigaku Imo (University Sweet Potato) at 'Chibaya'

'Daigaku' means 'university' in Japanese, so 'daigaku imo' means 'university potato.' Apparently, the first shop to sell the sweet was located outside the gate of the Imperial University, and so the name 'daigaku imo' was given to the sweet as it was enjoyed by many university students.
Asakusa is known for its shops selling daigaku imo, and one of the shops that stands out is called 'Chibaya,' established in 1950. If you want to experience a truly awesome daigaku imo, this is the place to head to!

[Hibiya] sweet potato Ice cream tower at ' Azabu Sabo'

'Azabu Sabo' is a fancy cafe located on the second floor of Hibiya Chanter. There's a variety of food items also available here, but the dish you've got to try is the sweet potato topped with a tower of soft-serve ice cream and toppings. It's impressive to look at and even more impressive to taste!

[Okusawa] Suitopoteto at 'Kona to Tamago'

'Kona to Tamago' is an absolutely delicious patissier located in Okusawa, a bit away from the center of Tokyo but well worth the trip. Among other delicious baked goods and sweets, their stand out item is their 'Suitopoteto,'(sweet potato) shown above. In Japanese 'satsumaimo' means 'sweet potato,' whereas 'suitopoteto' actually refers to a sweet that is basically like a sweetened twice-baked sweet potato. You can find 'suitopoteto' sold all over, but the one at Kona to Tamago is particularly scrumptious.

[Jiyugaoka] Sweet potato yokan at 'Funawa Cafe'

Yokan is a traditional Japanese sweet that is kind of like a cross between pudding and jelly. It's firm and rich, and it goes wonderfully with a cup of tea. 'Funawa Cafe' is a traditional Japanese sweets cafe in Jiyugaoka that offers some tremendously rich and delicious sweet potato yokan that is a joy to eat. If you've never had yokan or other traditional Japanese sweets, this is a great place to try it!

In Closing

This article introduced 5 places to try a delicious sweet potato sweet this autumn. If you'd like to learn more about sweet potato sweets, check out our other article on the topic:

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