Updated: September 09, 2019
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Mister Donut Offering 5 Delicious Sweet Potato Donuts This Autumn!

Through the end of October, Mister Donut stores in Japan are offering 5 kinds of sweet potato-flavored donuts that are perfect for the autumn season. Check out the flavors below:

Sep 06, 2019(Fri) - Oct 31, 2019(Thu)
Mister Donuts (all locations)
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In Autumn, Japanese People Love to Eat Sweet Potatoes!

The popular donut shop chain 'Mister Donuts' conducted an online survey of 100 Japanese people who eat sweets at least once per month and found the following information:

-97% said that they feel like eating sweets in the autumn.
-The most frequently eaten sweet in the autumn is sweet potato
-82% said they would want to eat a sweet potato-flavored donut

Based on this data, mister donuts released a set of sweet-potato flavored donuts that are available now through the end of October!

Nothing beats eating a delicious roasted sweet potato in the autumn, but sweet potato flavored donuts might come close! If you're in Japan this autumn, stop by mister donuts to try them out.

Sweet Potato Donuts at Mister Donuts

Plain (¥129)
All of the sweet potato donuts start with a dough that incorporates annouimo (a special type of sweet potato popular for its sweetness and golden orange color) powder. The plain showcases the mildly sweet flavor and moist texture that is supposed to emulate a real roasted sweet potato.
Murasaki Imo (Purple Sweet Potato) (¥140)
The murasaki imo flavor adds a purple glaze and black sesame seeds that mimic the appearance of a purple sweet potato.
Daigaku Imo (University Sweet Potato) (¥140)
This donut recreates the popular street snack called daigaku imo, and features a clear glaze and black sesame seeds.
Suitopoteto (¥140)
This donut recreates the flavor and texture of 'suitopoteto' (another popular sweet potato-based sweet) with a topping of kinako sugar.
Kuromitsu Kinako (Brown Sugar Syrup and Toasted Soybean Powder) (¥140)
This donut features a classic combination of ingredients common to 'wagashi' (traditional Japanese sweets). The donut is soaked in kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup) and coated with kinako (toasted soybean powder).

The Donuts are Available Until the End of October!

These donut flavors are definitely unique to Japan, and can't be found anywhere else! If you get the chance to stop by a Mister Donut during September or October, don't miss it!

For more info about Mister Donut, check out our article:
For more information about sweet potato sweets, check out our artle:
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