Updated: September 10, 2019
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Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511: exquisite dinner couses and affordable lunch sets


This restaurant is one of the best known in the city for Kobe Beef. They served both high-end Kobe Beef courses and very reasonably-priced lunchtime set meals with Kobe beef prepared in multiple ways!

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Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511

Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511 is a renowned restaurant in the Akasaka area that specializes in Kobe Beef course meals.

You can go there for both lunch or dinner. Lunch sets are surprisingly affordable at around ¥1,500 whereas the dinner time courses are high-end and quite expensive at around ¥15,000.

Rank A5 Kobe Beef

The restaurant prides itself on serving some of the world's top-quality beef, that is to say, A5 rank Kobe Beef.

As you can see from the picture above, one of the key characteristics of Kobe Beef is its intense marbling, which is essentially the fat streaks within the lean tissue. To achieve this kind of marbling, the cows must be raised with the utmost care.

One common misconception is that cows are born as Kobe Beef cows. In fact, only a selected few cows of the Tajima breed in Kobe prefecture are graded as Kobe Beef once they are slaughtered. The grading is incredibly strict and only the very best Tajima Beef becomes certified Kobe Beef.

Kaiseki meal

You might be wondering what kaiseki means in the name of the restaurant. Basically, kaiseki is a type of traditional Japanese cuisine which consists of a feast made up of many small dishes, each very intricate and beautiful, and often featuring some fresh seasonal ingredients. Kaiseki is quintessential Japanese cuisine, and as such, it's mainly made from seafood and vegetables, and not so much meat.

Kobe Beef kaiseki dinner

To have kaiseki which features Kobe Beef as the main ingredient is thus unusual. Go there for a kaiseki dinner and you will be served some very rare and exquisite Kobe Beef nigiri sushi for instance.
As expected from any kaiseki course, you get served a variety of small portions of food, all beautifully presented, complete with the necessary seasonal references that can be anything from autumn coloured leaves to spring sakura petals.
The main dish of the kaiseki is, of course, a good piece of perfectly grilled Kobe Beef (80 grams or more). Dinner kaiseki courses start at ¥13,900 (taxes not included).

Affordable lunch sets

If you want to try out some Kobe Beef without breaking the bank, then you should definitely go there for lunch! They serve one of Tokyo's most affordable set that includes Kobe Beef served in three different ways.

Try the 511 Meal set for just ¥1,500. It includes a Kobe Beef, beef patty served with a delicious demi-glace sauce, a Kobe Beef deep-fried korokke, and a Kobe Beef stew.

You can also get Kobe Beef steak for lunch but that will cost you from ¥8,000.

In closing...

If you want a high-end authentic Japanese Kobe Beef experience, the dinner time Kaiseki courses are a superb option. If on the other hand you'd like to try some Kobe Beef but at a much more affordable price, then the lunch sets are your best bet. Either way, this Akasaka restaurant is very worth the go!
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