Updated: September 11, 2019
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Rangetsu Ginza: SUBLIME wagyu shabu shabu and sukiyaki in Tokyo!


Looking for a place to have delectable wagyu beef as part of a gorgeous Japanese style course? Then Rangetsu in Ginza is definitely a great option to consider!

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Ginza Rangetsu

Rangetsu, situated in Ginza, is a restaurant of long-standing famous for its high-end shabu shabu, sukiyaki and kaiseki courses. The place is also open at lunchtime during which they serve some comparatively much more affordable sets (around ¥2,500 for lunch; dinner time is ¥10,000 and over).

Rangetsu is a big restaurant with over 300 seats and some private rooms. It's located within a short walking distance of Ginza station.

Outstanding beef and crab

The use of top-quality ingredients is what has made and kept Rangetsu so popular for decades. It's particularly known for its A5 (top rank) Wagyu Beef and incredibly fresh raw crab served in their sukiyaki and shabu shabu courses.

Course price

They have many dinner time courses that range in price from about ¥10,000 to ¥25,000 (taxes included). Each course either features selected wagyu or crab as the main ingredient, and they come with a plethora of small exquisite side dishes. This combination of many small intricate and beautiful dishes within a course is called a 'kaiseki' meal in Japanese.

Sukiyaki and shabu shabu

Most of the courses are offered either sukiyaki style of shabu shabu style.


They are both styles of cuisine where the foods are cooked at your table in a special skillet.

Sukiyaki is used for meat. Thin slices of beef and vegetables are cooked rapidly in a thick savoury and slightly sweetened soy-based sauce.
You'll be served some fresh raw eggs in which you can dip your slices of cooked meat or vegetables for a creamier taste that goes perfectly well with the umami of the meat and sauce.

You might be put off by eating raw eggs if it's not something you're familiar with, but rest assured, Japanese sanitary standards for eggs are the highest in the world.

Shabu shabu

Shabu shabu on the other is served to you with a hot pot that has a much lighter broth. You dip each piece of meat or vegetables into the pot until they're cooked, and then dip the pieces again in a sauce to enhance the flavour.
Whatever you choose at Rangetsu, you'll surely be impressed by the feast you will be served!


Rangetsu is famous too for its good selection of sake and other Japanese alcohols that make great pairings for any of the courses. You might want to try 'kobore sake', which is sake served in a glass overflowing within a wooden cup. It's meant to convey abundance, and it's a traditional way of serving sake.

Lunch options

You can expect to pay over ¥10,000 if you go for a dinner course, but some gorgeous lunch sets are much more affordable. The bento box here contains some Wagyu Beef, and you also get some crab as a side dish. This is a pretty good deal for around ¥3,000!

In closing...

Rangetsu in the heart of Ginza is a true institution in the area. The place is very popular with the locals and it is also foreigner-friendly with very accommodating staff and menus in English.
Japanese food culture enthusiast. Love to explore new areas and discover local specialties.

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