Updated: September 11, 2019
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Cheap Eats in Yokohama (Delicious Yet Inexpensive Restaurants To Try!)


Looking for a place to get an affordable yet delicious meal in the glamorous city of Yokohama? Here's a list of 5 reasonably-priced restaurants of various genres to help you out. Enjoy!

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[Sushi] Sushi Yuuraku (すし遊洛)

Sushi Yuuraku has conveyor belt sushi prices, yet each piece of sushi is made for you at the counter by a real chef as you order it. It's not Michelin star sushi, but is actually quite good quality, especially when considering the price. Prices start at ¥200 for 2 nigiri! Sets can also be ordered starting at just ¥1,280, which is extremely cheap.

The restaurant is located just 3 minutes away from the east exit of Yokohama Station on the 10th floor of the Sky Building.

[Ramen] Yoshimuraya (吉村家)

Yoshimuraya is the most famous ramen shop in Yokohama, located a 5-minute walk from Yokohama station. Ramen is cheap wherever you go, but it would be a shame to leave this shop out of this list.

Yoshimura is well known as the birthplace of Yokohama's specialty ramen "Iekei Ramen". Iekei (家系)is a type of ramen with a soup made from fatty tonkotsu (pork broth) and soy sauce. At Yoshimuraya, you can choose the firmness of the noodles, the amount of fat, and the saltiness of the soup. Regular ramen is just 690 yen and is very rich and delicious.

As it is the shop with the original iekei ramen, there is often a line of ramen fans outside waiting to get a taste. If you go at a popular time during lunch or dinner, you might have to wait a bit, but it's worth it!

[Yakitori] Noge Suehiro (野毛末広)

Noge Suehiro is a restaurant of long standing that has been run by the same family for three generations. It's been a flagship restaurant in the Noge district for that reason for a long time. Their yakitori is so good thanks to the high-quality, juicy chicken meat used and the perfect house seasoning. What's more, the skewers are way bigger than what you get at most yakitori restaurants, meaning more bang for your buck! This is the perfect place for drinking and eating lots of quality yakitori on the cheap!
Noge Suehiro is located an 8-minute walk from Sakuragicho Station.

[Yakiniku] Jiromaru (治郎丸)

Jiromaru is a standing yakiniku restaurant that's intended to provide a quick and delicious yakiniku meal to go with a few drinks. Standing restaurants are a part of Japanese culture and are still popular today, especially with busy salarymen trying to grab a quick meal after work. Jiromaru gives each customer a small countertop grill and serves premium meat by the piece. Cheap horumon (offal) is available for just ¥80/2 pieces, while even premium A5 wagyu can be enjoyed for ¥300 per piece. Jiromaru is great for those who want to sample a wide variety of super high-quality meat for a reasonable price.

[Chinese] Mabo Doufu ChenKenichi (陳建一 麻婆豆腐店)

Yokohama is known for its Chinatown, which is filled with lots of awesome Chinese restaurants! Other than ramen, one of the most popular Chinese dishes in Japan is called mabo doufu. Mabo dofu is made with spicy seasoned ground meat sauce and pieces of soft tofu served with rice.
In case the name of the restaurant didn't give it away, ChenKenichi specializes in mabo dofu! Many people claim that they serve the best Mabo Doufu in Yokohama, yet it is still very reasonably-priced. If you've never tried mabo dofu before, you're missing out!

Mabo Doufu ChenKenichi is located a few minutes away from Minatomirai Station.

In Closing

This has been a quick list of 5 great affordable restaurants in Yokohama. If you'd like to explore more Yokohama restaurants, check out our other Yokohama articles:

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