Updated: September 13, 2019
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Deep Dive Into Ramen on an Awesome Ramen Tour in Tokyo!

If you're in Tokyo and interested in learning about ramen from one of Tokyo's most knowledgable ramen experts, you've got to try a ramen tour with Frank. Whether you want to try a bunch of bowls of ramen in one tour, get insider information about the best shops, or try making your own ramen, there's a tour to fit your needs!

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Tokyo Ramen Tours

Whether you're already a ramen fanatic or you're interested in learning more (a lot more!) about ramen, a tour with Frank of 5 AM Ramen should definitely be on your list of things to do in Tokyo.
Frank currently offers 4 different types of ramen tours(with new tours constantly in the works!) For those who want to try a lot of ramen in one tour, 'The Ultimate Ramen Tasting Tour' lets participants eat a total of 6 different mini-bowls of ramen at 3 different ramen shops on the tour! Along the way, Frank tells you everything you want to know (and didn't know you wanted to know) about ramen and its history. The tour is a truly unique opportunity to learn about and eat so many types of ramen all in a couple of hours!
For some great local information and suggestions, the 'Insider Ramen Tour,' which takes place in various ramen hotspots around Tokyo, including Asakusa, Shinjuku, and Naka-Meguro is highly recommended. The tour starts with Frank giving a detailed and interesting presentation about the history and composition of ramen before introducing a selection of the very best ramen shops in the area. Tour participants then get to choose where they want to eat, and the tour proceeds to the restaurant of choice where everyone enjoys a delicious bowl of ramen. If you're just visiting Tokyo, it's suggested to take this tour early on in your trip so that you have time to visit some of the other shops that Frank will recommend on the tour!
If you want to get hands-on, Frank's 'Ramen Kitchen Experience' lets participants go into the kitchen of an actual award-winning ramen shop and experience making their own bowl of ramen! Under the guidance of the ramen chef, participants will add the right combination of sauces and broth to the soup, cook the noodles and drain them by swinging the noodle basket through the air, and add all the toppings to create the final, beautiful bowl of ramen! Eating your creation is also obviously one of the best parts because the ramen you make will be delicious!
Frank's most recent tour is the 'Vegan Ramen / Gluten-Free Ramen Tour,' which offers participants the chance to try mini bowls of 3 different flavors of Hokkaido-style ramen from a ramen shop in Shibuya. Everyone will get to taste miso, shio, and shoyu ramens with the option for vegan or non-vegan broth and gluten-free or regular noodles in each bowl, meaning meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free people alike can enjoy a ramen tour together!
Vegan and gluten-free ramen mini-bowls!

About Frank

Frank is a born and raised Tokyo native who knows a whole lot about ramen. In addition to leading the ramen tours, he also writes a ramen blog called 5 AM Ramen which introduces delicious bowls of ramen from around Japan (and even the world sometimes!) When scouting out new ramen shops, it's not uncommon for frank to enjoy 3 or more full bowls of ramen in a single day. Needless to say, he's eaten a few bowls of ramen in his day. There are few others in Tokyo who have as much knowledge about ramen as Frank, and this fact will become apparent to anyone who takes one of the ramen tours!
I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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