Updated: September 12, 2019
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Teppanyaki Grow Roppongi: Experience wagyu perfectly cooked teppan style


Teppanyaki Grow in Roppongi offers an excellent teppanyaki experience featuring A5 aged wagyu beef.

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Teppanyaki Grow Roppongi Location

Teppanyaki Grow is a small restaurant in Roppongi consisting of 12 counter seats around a large teppan (iron plate) style grill, one table for four, and a private room that can accommodate up to six people. It has a modern classy atmosphere of a high-end teppanyaki restaurant.

Prices for dinner are around ¥8,000, but lunch sets are surprisingly affordable at around ¥1,000 to ¥2,000.

The teppanyaki experience at Grow

Seeing the chef prepare your meal on the teppan grill is part of the unique teppanyaki experience. Hence, you'd better reserve a counter seat if you wish to behold the impressive cooking process.
As part of a dinner teppanyaki course, you will get served multiple dishes cooked one at a time.

Grow is famous for its carefully selected A5 (highest rank) aged wagyu beef. Top-quality wagyu is internationally renowned for its exquisite taste, and the ageing process that this particular beef undergoes in a strictly controlled environment makes the beef even better because it allows the enzymes in the meat to naturally break down the muscle tissue, which makes the beef more tender and flavourful.
Meat is not the only thing cooked on the teppan grill. Seafood and vegetables are also part of the course. The 'isei ebi' (Japanese spiny lobster) prepared at Grow is just as outstanding as the wagyu.
Wine is the preferred drink to pair with a teppanyaki course but some strong-tasting sake may also work well. Feel free to ask for recommendations if you'd like to drink.

Lunch from ¥1,000

On weekdays only, you can enjoy a surprisingly affordable lunch at Grow. The most popular item is the ¥1,000 wagyu Hamburg steak, a succulent thick beef patty served with a dipping sauce and other accompaniments.
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