Updated: September 25, 2019
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Tokyo Station's Ramen Battleground: 'Ramen Gekisenku'

Tokyo Station

Connected to Tokyo Station in the basement of the KITTE Marunouchi building is a ramen-lovers paradise; 5 famous and delicious ramen shops lining a hallway called 'Ramen Gekisenku,' which means 'Ramen Battleground' in Japanese! Looking for a phenomenal bowl of ramen near Tokyo Station? This is the place to go!

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The Ramen Battlefield: Ramen Gekisenku (ラーメン激戦区)

'Ramen Gekisenku' (gekisenku = 'battleground' in Japanese) was opened on the B1 floor of KITTE Marunouchi in March of 2019.
For a long time, 'Tokyo Ramen Street' near the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station was the go-to spot for ramen in the area. However, the opening of Ramen Gekisenku just might change that.
The sign at the entrance to the area shows the 5 shops inside Ramen Gekisenku: 'Chuka Soba Fukumi,' 'Matsudo Tomita Menban,' 'Tokyo Style Miso Ramen Do Miso,' 'Nishikawa Tantanmen Aun,' and 'Hakata Yatai Ramen Ikkosha.'
During peak times, there's a line outside all of these fantastic shops.

Top Recommendation: 'Tomita'

Our top recommendation within Ramen Gekisenku has to be the famous 'Tomita.' Just look for the longest line, and you shouldn't have any trouble finding this shop. Tomita's original shop in Chiba Prefecture was awarded 'Best Overall Ramen Shop' by the ramen magazine 'Tokyo Ramen of the Year' (TRY) 4 times in recent years, and you'll understand why once you try it.

The most poular item is the tsukemen (dipping ramen), which is undeniably outstanding. However, the standard 'Chuka Soba,' shown above, is our recommendation. It's actually a recreation of the 'Chuka Soba' served at the legenday 'Taishoken,' where Tomita apprenticed back in the day. The bowl comes with green onions, naruto, menma, egg, and chashu as toppings, and is quite luxurious for just ¥900.

Only Available Here: Red Ramen from 'Chuka Soba Fukumi'

'Chuka Soba Fukumi' is a shop that was opened by the same chef behind the famous shops 'Ramen Setagaya' and 'Hirugao.'
The shop's 'Crimson Niboshi Ramen' (¥1,000) is a special bowl that can only be enjoyed here in Ramen Gekisenku!
It looks spicy, but the coloring actually comes from beets, which add a beautiful depth to the delicious niboshi broth. You'll definitely feel like drinking all of the soup, leaving the bowl completely empty.
This ramen is only available until the soup runs out each day, so best to go at early lunchtime to make sure you can get some!

If you're looking for ramen at Tokyo Station, head to Ramen Gekisenku!

To get to Ramen Gekisenku from Tokyo Station, head towards the Marunouchi Underground South Exit. Walk through the large open underground space to the B1 entrance of the KITTE Marunouchi building. Take a left, and you'll see the hallway filled with the shops!

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