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Coconut Glen's Coconut Ice Cream is a Must-Try in Omotesando! [PR]


Looking for some rich-tasting, natural ice cream in Tokyo? Then Coconut Glen's organic coconut vegan ice cream is an option you have to consider! Here's all about this new delectable ice cream shop in the Omotesando/Harajuku area.

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Coconut Glen's in Omotesando

There's an exciting new ice cream shop in Omotesando called 'Coconut Glen's' that's serving high-quality coconut ice cream. Coconut Glen's has only one other location in the world at the moment, the original location, located in the jungle of Hawaii.

What's more, the ice cream is vegan, so a greater number of people can enjoy it! Below is the shop information for the Omotesando, Tokyo, location.

Take away service at Coconut Glen's in Omotesando!

If you want to have coconut ice cream delivered to your home or hotel using take out service, Coconut Glen's has an English service system, so you can order online in English without any issue.But you can't speak good japanese for order meal, also can use UberEats application.
It took about 10 minutes from Omotesando station by foot, This coconut ice cream tastes like no other ice cream you have ever tasted. It is definitely worth a try for a real taste of Tokyo.

■ Info
・ Opening time: 12:00pm to 17:00pm (Monday to Friday)
・ Take away: 12:00pm to 17:00pm(Monday to Friday)

■ About delivery service
・ UberEats /Rakuten online store
* Please check the UberEats store page.

Meet Glen, the founder

Glen Simkins at his shop in Maui, Hawaii
Coconut Glen's was founded by Glen Simkins, an incredibly accomplished chef with Michelin-starred restaurant experience under his belt.

Although part of his background is in the fancy high-end restaurant world, Glen established his original shop in a really cool, unpretentious, hippy jungle hut on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

Chef Glen develops his own ice cream with the goal of providing delicious, outstanding ice cream made with quality ingredients.

The RICH coconut ice cream that will blow you away

Coconut Glen's ice cream is made from organic coconut milk! There's no cow milk, cream or eggs, so every single flavour of ice cream is 100% vegan.

If for any reason you think vegan ice cream is bland, you'll be blown away by the rich taste of Coconut Glen's ice cream that comes in many delectable flavours made from the best natural ingredients.

Ice cream served in a coconut shell

Order three scoops or more and you'll have your ice cream served in an actual coconut shell. How cool is that! It's nice to order three scoops because you can compare three different flavours. Coconut Glen's also offers one scoop servings and five scoops servings.

■ 1 scoop (¥500)
■ 3 scoops (¥700)
■ 5 scoops (¥900)

Below, we'll introduce some of the popular flavours.

The Original

Of course, the one flavour you must try if you're going there for the first time is the original, signature coconut ice cream.
You'll love the smooth texture and the rich coconut taste! There are also some pieces of roasted coconut meat that add a different accent and a nice contrast in texture.


The Pistachio ice cream is packed with smashed grilled pistachios so it has a wonderful nutty taste. Pistachio lovers will not be disappointed by this one!


The Ginger-Lemongrass contains Coconut Glen's own housemade ginger candy made with slices of boiled ginger. The candy is smashed and mixed into the ice cream. With the lemony-minty taste of the lemongrass complementing the ginger, this is a super fresh-tasting flavour.

Banana-Rum Raisin

The rum gives this one a refined taste, and the blend of flavours of the bananas and the coconut base of the ice cream is spot on. People who like sweets with a bit of alcohol will thoroughly enjoy the Banana-Rum Raisin.

There are several other flavours aside from the ones mentioned above. If you go, just choose the one that tickles your fancy and you shouldn't be disappointed because everything is delicious, natural-tasting, and original.

In closing...

Perhaps another reason to go to Coconut Glen's is the atmosphere of the shop. Located on a quiet backstreet, it has a total of 20 seats on two floors with a nice relaxing interior. It also has free wifi and great coffee, so it's actually also a great spot to take a break from the busy streets of the Omotesando/Harajuku area. Give it a try next time you're there!
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