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Giant Pork Bowls At Buta Daigaku in Shinjuku! [PR]


Want to eat an overflowing bowl of delicious grilled pork (butadon)? Whether you're already a diehard butadon fan, or if you're curious to discover the deliciousness of the dish for the first time, you've got to head to 'Buta Daigaku' while you're in Shinjuku!

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Head to Pork School at 'Buta Daigaku' in Shinjuku

Lovers of the popular Japanese dish 'butadon' (pork bowl) absolutely need to pay a visit to shinjuku's 'Buta Daigaku' (Buta University). The same goes for anyone who's never tried this simple and delicious dish.
Buta Daigaku serves butadon was good enough to win gold in a national butadon Grand Prix, and has other popular shops in Shinbashi and Jinbocho as well as the Shinjuku location.

If you're searching for a delicious and filling meal around Shinjuku Station, Buta Daigaku can't be beaten!

Take away service at Buta Daigaku in Shinjuku!

If you want to have Buta don delivered to your home or hotel using take out service, Buta Daigaku has an English service system, so you can order online in English without any issue.But you can't speak good japanese for order meal, also can use UberEats application.

Overflowing Bowls of Grilled Pork Slices

The pork bowls are simple and delicious, consisting of slices of perfectly-seasoned grilled pork and a small topping of greens. The pork is skillfully grilled and isn't overly fatty. The fragrant scent of the grilled meat is beautifully accented by the special house tare (sauce) which soaks into and flavors into the white rice below.
The tension rises as soon as the appetizing bowl of juicy pork arrives at the table. The pork is beautifully grilled, and you can see wonderful char marks from the grilling process.

Butadon: Small ¥500, Medium ¥650, Large ¥830

For someone with a normal appetite, we recommend the medium butadon. It's the most commonly ordered size, and should be enough for most people. Those with a fairly small appetite should start with the small size, which should still be plenty of food.

Challenge Yourself to Eat One of the 'University' sizes!

Sizes from left to right: Small, Medium, Large, Graduate Degree, Master's Degree, Doctorate.
The 'University' sizes are 'Graduate Degree'(¥1,080), 'Master's Degree'(¥1,580), and 'Doctorate'(¥2,160). The bowls increase in size and difficulty to finish (just like the degree that it takes its name from) with 1 kg of pork in the 'Graduate Degree,' 1.5 kg in the 'Master's Degree,' and a full 2 kg of pork in the 'Doctorate!'
If you think you can eat a lot, challenge yourself to finish one of the university sizes! Beware, however, that leftovers cannot be taken home.

5 Toppings to Choose From!


Add Some Toppings!

If you feel like adding some additional toppings to your pork bowl, you can do so on the cheap (¥70 to ¥110)! Choose from green onions, pickled greens, kimchi, fried garlic, and a soft-boiled egg!

Ali pay

Buta Daigaku accepts Alipay, which means that it's super easy to pay for the meal when you're finished!
Also, for anyone who leaves an online review, Buta Daigaku Shinjuku is currently offering either a free egg topping or free miso soup! Just use the link below, make a review, and show it to your server to get the free topping or soup!
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Giant Pork Bowls At Buta Daigaku in Shinjuku!

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