Updated: November 13, 2019
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10 izakayas in Shibuya that are delicious, authentic and affordable


For a fun evening in Shibuya, try one of these 10 izakaya-style restaurants serving excellent food and drinks, and that have the perfect izakaya atmosphere.

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Himonoya is a special izakaya-style restaurant in Shibuya that serves truly outstanding grilled fish dishes in a relaxed and cozy setting. There are some raw options on the menu, but the stars here are the himono. Himono translates to "dried fish," but this really isn't a good way to describe the juicy, rich product that is the result of this traditional method of preparation.

Sake Fun Zokkon

This is the perfect izakaya for Japanese sake tasting. You can try from their selection of around 50 kinds of sake that are from all parts of Japan. The selection includes plenty of unique sakes made by independent makers.

The cuisine is washoku (traditional Japanese), so you'll have plenty of good-matching options to pair with the sake. You won't go wrong with their super fresh sashimi; The shabu shabu and sukiyaki courses are a popular choice in the winter.

If you plan on drinking quite a bit, note that you can add a ¥1,500 all-you-can-drink option to your meal. You can choose from a list of 10 kinds of sake - the most high-end ones are not included, but the selection is still of good quality.

Yamaga Shiten

This is an unpretentious Showa-retro style izakaya that is open 24 hours. So you can totally forget about your last train and enjoy cheap sake, hoppy, beer, etc. until the next morning here.

The food specialty is yakitori. The skewers are on the cheap side as well, and they have pretty thick pieces of meat. Having a few drinks and a good many yakitori skewers shouldn't cost you more than ¥2,000.


If you've worked up an appetite, you should try this place out because they serve some superb tonkatsu, including one they've created that is served in a bowl of cold soup, and it's much better than it sounds. Have a cold beer with that and you'll be in heaven.

The atmosphere is nice too, with a traditional Japanese decore. You have to be careful though because it closes early. They only accept people until 9:20 PM, so this is a good izakaya to go eat and drink before heading out to another place.

Isari Juhachiban

Isari Juhachiban is an outstanding affordable seafood izakaya. Their main thing is sashimi but you can also have grilled fish, tempura, stews, and a variety of other delectable Japanese dishes.

They have a pretty solid standard drink selection and it's also possible to add a 90-min all-you-can-drink option to your meal.


Toritake is an izakaya of long-standing in Shibuya. You will often see people waiting in line to get in until quite late. It is well worth it, however, because they have some of the most amazing yakitori in the area. On top of that, you can also try a Tokyo specialty and delicacy: grilled unagi (eel) on skewers. The unagi skewers, with their crisp outside and fluffy inside, are delectable.

You really get value for your money here because the quality is good, the portions are generous, and people only report spending around ¥3,000 per person for an izakaya-style dinner that includes a few drinks.

Yugyo Wadaru

This is another superb seafood izakaya. It has a no-frills decor but the fish is amazing. Their sushi, sashimi, and donburi (sashimi toppings on a bowl of rice) are among the most popular items, but you can have some grilled seafood too.

The place is particular about its sake and shochu so do not hesitate to try some of their recommendations.

If you happen to be looking for lunch, note that this place serves amazing lunch set meals for under ¥1,000.

Kitchen Tachikichi

Gyozas are Japan's take on Chinese dumplings. You can often get them as a side dish at ramen joints, and they're usually pretty nice, but if you want to know what really delicious gyozas taste like, by all means, try this place.

Kitchen Tachikichi makes gyoza from top quality domestic ingredients. They're plump, juicy, and packed with deep tasting savoury uamimi! This place is extremely popular in Tokyo among gyoza fans. You'll understand why when you give them a try.

Another interesting aspect of this izakaya is that they have a wine selection made specially to pair with their gyoza. You will be amazed by how well a gyoza and red wine pairing works!


This is a pretty solid izakaya for all kinds of Japanese foods. They have sushi, yakitori, tempura, soba and grilled fish among other things. If you want to try a bit of everything, their courses at around ¥4,000 are a great option.

The reason to go there is not just for the food, but also for the superb atmosphere. The place is actually quite famous for having been featured in Quinton Tarantino's Kill Bill film.


This is a Korean-style yakiniku restaurant, which means you can enjoy many kinds of delicious authentic kimchi, samgyeopsal (pork belly yakiniku with vegetables), chijimi (korean savoury crepes), Korean hotpots, toppoki (spicy Korean rice cake), and many other delectable dishes of Korean cuisine. You can order a la carte, but you get a better bang for your buck with their courses that start at ¥2,500 per person.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting so this is the perfect place for getting together with some friends and having a great evening while having good food and a few drinks. They also have 2-hour all-you-can-drink options from ¥1,500.

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