Updated: October 24, 2019
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Tokyo wagyu | 5 restos serving affordable & tasty wagyu dishes


Looking for wagyu in Tokyo but don't want to pay a fortune? Then these five restaurants have some amazing options that are tasty, original and under ¥2,000!

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re:Dine Ginza - Wagyu ramen in Ginza

Ginza's fanciest ramen can be found at re:Dine Ginza, one of the most interesting concept restaurants in Tokyo.

The ramen is served with sous-vide-cooked chicken and duck chashu, plus a large piece of tender, premium wagyu. Each meat is cooked separately, to a different finishing temperature, giving each its optimal tenderness.

The beautiful golden soup is made with clams, a whole chicken, dried sardines, konbu, and porcini. The finishing touch is duck oil and porcini oil, which gives it its luxurious and deep taste.

The hand-made noodles are thin, yet have a nice bite to them and a lovely wheat flavour. They are the perfect carrier for the light and umami-filled broth.

Henry's Burger - Wagyu burger in Akihabara

At a 10-minute walk from Akihabara station or about a 3-minute walk from Suehiro station, you can find the recently opened Henry's Burger. The resto is managed by the famous yakiniku restaurant Sumibi Yakiniku.

The first location of Henry's Burger opened in Daikanyama and is so popular there that there is almost always a line in front of the store.

What is all the fuss about? Wagyu burger made from A5 (highest ranked) Japanese black cattle! You order the burger as part of one of their three combos (A, B, C). All three combos come with French fries and a drink, and the only difference is the number of patties you get in each combo. A has 1 patty (¥1,188), B has 2 (¥1,566), and C has 3 (¥1,944)!

Kobe Gyu Kaiseki 511 - Kobe wagyu beef 'hambagu' in Akasaka

Beef patties are called 'hambagu' in Japanese and they are quite popular at affordable steak houses. Kobe Gyu Kaiseki 511 serves an impossibly delicious Kobe Beef wagyu hambagu set served with a sublime demi-glace sauce. Incredibly tender, the patty is easily breakable with your chopsticks.

For ¥1,500, the value of this hambagu is unbeatable! Another popular option that is even cheaper at just ¥1,200 is the Kobe Beef korokke (croquette) with the beef stew set.

For dinner, the restaurant is quite expensive with people reporting paying around ¥15,000 per person for teppanyaki wagyu steak meals.

The restaurant is located a 5-minute walk from either Akasaka station or Akasaka Mitsuke station.

Tomato - Wagyu Japanese curry in Ogikubo

Tomato is a very popular curry restaurant in Ogikubo. It offers exquisite curries that are made with various spices that provide a rich and complex taste. The portions are pretty generous too.

And yes, they have a wagyu-beef curry that you have to try! It's rich in umami, has pieces of really tender domestic beef, and has some cheese as a topping.

The restaurant is at a 5-minute walk from Ogikubo station, an important neighbourhood on the Chuo line. Give it a try if you happen to be there. People usually spend from ¥2,000 to ¥3,000, which is a bit more expensive than the average curry house but still well worth it considering the quality.

Gyu-an - Wagyu steak lunch sets

Gyu-an serves Kobe Beef diners averaging ¥15,000, but go for lunch and you can get some pretty crazy affordable specials. For example, a Kobe Beef steak and patty is a mind-bogglingly cheap ¥1,390. You can also have Kobe Beef teppanyaki of 120g from ¥1,990.

The catch, if you can call it that, is that the servings are limited every day so you must get there early to have the chance to enjoy these super deals. You'll often see people waiting in line at this super popular Ginza restaurant before it opens at 11:30. The earlier you get there the better your chances of getting the specials.

If they happen to run out of Kobe Beef specials by the time your turn comes, note that there are some other pretty sweet wagyu deals to enjoy at affordable prices too.

The restaurant is located near Higashi Ginza station.

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