Updated: October 29, 2019
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Secret, superb yakitori restaurant in Ebisu | Nakameguro Iguchi PIN


For a nice evening of delicious yakitori in Ebisu, Nakameguro Iguchi PIN is absolutely outstanding. The atmosphere is perfect, and you can even have some fine meat sushi as well.

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Nakameguro Iguchi PIN

Nakameguro Iguchi PIN is located a 3-min walk from the west exit of Ebisu station. On the second floor of a building, with not even a signboard to indicate its existence, you might have a hard time finding this hidden gem.
Open the door and you'll be amazed by the chic traditional interior and calming atmosphere.

There are eight counter seats, 18 table seats, and even some semi-private rooms ideal for small groups or one-on-one dinners. The restaurant is apparently a popular date spot.

Exquisite yakitori

The specialty of the restaurant is chicken, done yakitori style but without being skewered.

If you're visiting for the first time, the restaurant recommends that you try the 8-piece assortment, good for two people, for ¥1,980. Eight different cuts of chicken are carefully grilled one at a time over a charcoal fire.
These are pieces of sasami (high-quality breast meat) cooked only slightly so that the core is still slightly raw. Extra fresh sasami done this way is a true Japanese delicacy. You can enjoy them as is, or with a little bit of wasabi.
Continuing with the set, you will be served these three cuts ('bonjiri', gizzard, and thigh meat) of various tenderness and fat content, all seasoned slightly differently to maximize their taste.
These umami-packed chicken balls called 'tsukune' are particularly delicious. Well cooked until the outside is crisp and the inside is tender and juicy, they have the perfect texture. They seem to be made with some ground 'nankotsu' (cartilage) so they have a nice crunch to them too.
This last plate of yakitori comes with 'furisode', heart, and chicken wings.

The crisp skin of the chicken wings is simply irresistible, and the meat is so tender that you can easily take it apart with your chopsticks.

The heart meat is a bit harder and lean, which contrasts nicely with the tenderness and fattiness of the two other kinds of meat served on this plate.

Do not miss their meat sushi

Aside from the yakitori, another one of their signature dishes is their meat sushi. You can try their assortment plate at ¥1,600, which consists of nigiri sushi with toppings of beef and chicken meats.
The high-quality meat is only grilled slightly, to perfect tenderness. The blend of flavours of the savoury meat and the vinegared rice is spot on.

In closing...

This restaurant has the best atmosphere imaginable, and the yakitori, done in their own special way without skewers, is delectable. The meat sushi set is also very worth the try. If you're looking for a quiet place to have a nice evening in Ebisu, Nakameguro Igushi PIN is an option that is hard to beat.
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