Updated: November 13, 2019
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Amazing tomato-based sukiyaki at Basara near Ginza


In the Ginza area, near Kyobashi station, you can have one of Tokyo's most original and tasty sukiyaki dinner. Try Basara's tomato-based sukiyaki for a guaranteed delectable experience.

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Basara is located on the first floor of the Tokyo Square Garden next to Kyobashi station.

It is famous for its tomato sukiyaki, an original kind of sukiyaki that you can probably only have there!
Because of its relaxing atmosphere and its private and semi-private rooms, Basara is a good spot either for dates or for dinner in groups.

I went to try it out myself. Here is what the ¥6,500 Tomato Sukiyaki Kaiseki course was like.

Tomato Sukiyaki Kaiseki

The first entree plater that got served to me was this amazing set of six seasonal small dishes that included duck meat, scallops, and shrimps.
Next came the vegetables that are used for the sukiyaki. The plate included tomatoes, slices of onions and also some basil leaves.
As for the meat, it was beautifully marbled A4 rank Miyazaki Wagyu (you can have A5 meat, the highest rank, for ¥1,300 extra). Apparently the type of beef is not always the same because the restaurant gets the best cuts for that particular day.
Once the raw ingredients are shown to you at your table, the staff will proceed with the cooking. Some olive oil and garlic are added to the frying pan before adding the tomatoes, onions and beef.
Once the thin slices of wagyu are added, it only takes a minute for the sukiyaki to be ready. You will see the fat of the meat melt into the pan as it's heated, giving out the super savoury umami of wagyu to the rest of the ingredients.
The staff will cook the sukiyaki to perfection and serve it to you.
You can first try the ingredients as they are without any special sauce. The tenderness of this wagyu is mindblowing.
The ripe tomatoes infused with the onion, garlic and wagyu flavours were sweet and so tasty.
Sukiyaki wouldn't be sukiyaki without the egg dip!
The smooth texture and the rich taste of the egg is the perfect match for the cooked savoury sukiyaki ingredients.
This is also Basara's original twist! Instead of udon noodles cooked in the rich sukiyaki sauce leftover to end your meal, they serve you pasta. Because many of the ingredients are essentially the standards of Italian cuisine (tomatoes, onions, basil), this works amazingly well.

In closing...

Basara's original sukiyaki is one of the best in the area according to many online reviews. Give it a try if you have a chance! The ¥6,500 course presented in this article was really worth it. It's a full course meal that also includes desserts.

This sukiyaki is particularly a good match for red wine. Wine lovers will also enjoy their good selection.

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