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29ON GINZA: Member's Restaurant with Mind-Blowing Meat Courses! [PR]


The popular 29ON members-only restaurant specializing in meat-based cuisine now has a location in Ginza, Tokyo! Enjoy original courses of sous-vide cooked meats that include top-quality wagyu beef.

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29ON Ginza

The menu at 29ON's Ginza location was created by master chef Michihiro Sato, a professional with a pedigree that includes stints at multiple Michelin-starred restaurants.

Drawing from Italian cuisine, modern French cuisine, Chinese cuisine, and of course, Japanese cuisine, chef Sato took the challenge of creating an outstanding, original menu suitable for the highly competitive and refined gourmet market of Ginza in central Tokyo.

About 29ON's membership system

29ON Ginza location
29ON is a members-only restaurant with four locations in Tokyo. The restaurant has branches in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Omotesando, and the latest branch to open is the one presented in this article in Ginza. When you become a member, you can dine at any of the four locations. Members can freely make reservations and also bring non-members to the restaurant with them.

The theme of the restaurant is meat cooked sous-vide. You can enjoy fine Japanese wagyu beef but also some rare meat brands from around the world prepared in countless ways.

Indeed, the menu is different at every location and it also changes every month, so you always have plenty of opportunities for new discoveries. If you are a gourmet meat lover, then a membership at 29ON might be a great idea!

■ Yearly membership fee: ¥14,300
■ Course fee: ¥5,000 ~ ¥7,000 (depending on location)
■ All-you-can-drink option (including sake and wine): ¥3,000

Sample menu items

We went to try out 29ON Ginza's opening night course and here are a few items we were served. This is just to give you an idea of what a course might look like because, as mentioned previously, the menu does change every month.

Three Different Lean Cuts Of Sous-Vide Wagyu

These cuts of wagyu are lean, yet incredibly tender and flavourful because of the long sous-vide cooking time. The set came with three different kinds of condiments to give a different twist to the dish as you eat.

Mille Feuilles Wagyu Meat Sushi

These impressive nigiri sushis have as neta (toppings) many thin layers of delicious wagyu. They were seasoned just right so you don't have to add extra soy sauce.

Sukiyaki Wagyu Sirloin With Sous-Vide Egg Yolk

During a sukiyaki meal, you're served a raw egg yolk to dip your meat into it. For this beautiful plate, instead of dipping your meat into the smooth egg yolk, you roll it around and eat the whole piece in one bite. The meat here is top-quality wagyu sirloin, and the egg yolk is also cooked sous-vide so it isn't raw. This was so creamy and scrumptious.

Wagyu Tenderloin Fillet Rossini

Beautifully presented with slices of truffles sprinkled on top of it, the Wagyu Tenderloin Fillet Rossini had the perfect deep umami savouriness.

Sushi Only For You

This last plate that we were served as a closing for the savoury dishes is called "Sushi Only for You". It's a kind of sushi called "chirashizushi" in Japanese, which means scattered sushi. It's essentially sushi rice on top of which various sashimi toppings are scattered. This chirashizushi even contained a generous amount of ikura (salmon roe), a true delicacy when it comes to sushi toppings!


There are so many exquisite plates that get served to you in one evening that it's almost difficult to keep track of everything. Presented above is only part of a very copious full-course meal at 29ON. You should be thoroughly satiated after this feast!
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