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[Kyoto] A New Kind of Sushi at 'Sushi Time' (Halal + Vegan Sushi Too!) [PR]

Kyoto City

Sushi Time is a brand new sushi restaurant next to Kyoto's famous Nishiki Market that serves a very unique kind of sushi. Not only is the sushi here shaped like a doughnut, but it's also certified as 100% halal, including the super-rare halal Kobe beef sushi! For anyone looking for yummy sushi in a fun atmosphere should give Sushi Time a try!

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Sushi Time Kyoto, A Brand New Shop With a Brand New Kind of Sushi!

Sushi Time is a brand new sushi restaurant that opened next to Kyoto's famous Nishiki Market in December of 2019. The focus at sushi time is on serving traditional Japanese food (sushi) in a way that is fun and accessible to people from around the world. Everyone can enjoy the fresh and delicious sushi "doughnuts" here, including Muslims following a halal diet and vegans!
What's a sushi doughnut, you ask? If you look at the picture above, you'll probably understand, but it's basically doughnut-shaped sushi rice topped with various fresh sushi toppings. Sushi Time serves doughnuts with classic sushi toppings, vegan toppings, and even halal Kobe beef as a topping! The doughnuts are a fun and playful take on a traditional Japanese dish that is both delicious and instagram-worthy.

Sushi-Making Experieince!

Sushi Time is now offering a Sushi-Making Experience in addition to normal restaurant operations. Instead of just eating your lunch / dinner, you can learn how to make traditional nigiri sushi, a modern sushi doughnut (Sushi Time's specialty) and 'temari' (hand-rolled ball) sushi. The whole experience takes about 1 hour, including explanation, making the sushi, and eating the sushi. Click the link below for more information:

Visting Sushi Time

You feel welcome as soon as you step in the door and are greeted by the very kind and friendly shop manager. The interior of Sushi Time is bright and cozy, with just a couple of tables. It's a fun and relaxed space that makes you feel at home. In addition to free wifi, there are also free stamped postcards that visitors can fill out and send home to their family and friends! It's the little touches like this that make Sushi Time a special place to visit.
Ordering is done via a multi-lingual touch screen that accepts credit cards and other kinds of electronic payment. Once you choose your food and make the payment, an order slip is printed out which you can hand to the chef who will get right to work making your sushi doughnuts!

Choose from Among 5 Different Sushi Doughnuts

Sushi Time offers 4 different kinds of sushi doughnuts, shown in the photo above. Choose from a basic and premium classic sushi doughnuts, a vegan sushi doughnut, or a luxurious halal Kobe beef sushi doughnut.

Considering that each doughnut is equivalent to about 6 pieces of regular sushi, the prices are quite reasonable, starting at just ¥500 for the basic or vegan sushi doughnut. Any sushi doughnut can be made into a set that comes with soup and a salad for an extra ¥500, or 3 different doughnuts can be ordered together for a discount. Try out more than one to see which you like best!
The practicality of the shape is questionable, but it definitely looks pretty and makes for great photos! The best way to eat it is to use the chopsticks to cut the doughnut into sections with each topping, which you can then eat like a normal piece of sushi.

Rare and Luxurious Halal Kobe Beef Sushi Doughnut!

It's safe to say that authentic halal Kobe beef is some of the rarest meat in the world that is difficult to find even in Japan. Sushi Time offers an exquisite sushi doughnut topped with thin slices of halal Kobe beef that are grilled perfectly with a blowtorch.
As if the luxury of some of the most expensive beef in the world wasn't enough, the sushi doughnut is then topped with a generous portion of rich, fresh uni and finished with a pile of caviar.

It's a combination of rich and umami-filled ingredients that is unlike anything you've ever tried! The doughnut is definitely a splurge but is totally worth it, especially for those who are unable to eat standard Kobe beef.
Sushi Time has made the effort to not only get certified halal Kobe beef delivered to the restaurant but also to get official halal certification from the MPJA (Muslim Professional Japan Association). This means that everything in the restaurant, down to the vinegar used for the sushi rice, is certified halal. That makes Sushitime one of just a very few places in Japan that offers halal sushi, so don't miss it while you're in Kyoto!
Sushtime's Halal Certification, recieved in December of 2019

The perfect Drink to Go with Doughnut Sushi? Ramune, a Japanese Classic!

If you've never had this iconic Japanese beverage before, this is your chance! Ramune is sweet, refreshing, and fun. Open the bottle by popping the glass ball down into the bottle, as shown below. Watch out; the soda has a tendency to overflow out the top when opened!

For Special Occasions, Try this Very Special Sushi Cake!

If it's a special occasion, you might want to consider getting a sushi cake! The cake is topped with all of the most luxurious ingredients, including halal Kobe beef, uni, caviar, and sashimi toppings. If it's someone's birthday, the owner will even provide you with a special birthday candle to stick into the cake! The cake is available for ¥5,000 and is well worth the price!

Sushi Time: a Fun and Inviting Place to Get Sushi in Kyoto!

Sushi Time is a new and fun place to get fresh and tasty sushi in Kyoto. The restaurant has something for everyone, and shouldn't be missed, especially by those with dietary restrictions who want to enjoy sushi or Kobe beef! Be sure to check it out while visiting Kyoto!
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