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[Kyoto] Try Real Sumo Wrestler's Shabu-Shabu at 'Ton Shabu Hide!' [PR]

Kyoto City

'Ton Shabu Hide' is a sumo wrestler shabu-shabu restaurant that is well known in the Kyoto area. The restaurant's signature shabu-shabu is made with very high-quality ingredients including Awa pork and Awa chicken from Tokushima prefecture and is loved by locals and visitors alike. For those searching for outstanding shabu-shabu in Kyoto, this is a fantastic option.

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Shabu-shabu that's packed with energy, just how sumo wrestlers like it!

Apart from training, a very important part of every sumo wrestler's routine is mealtimes, when they focus on eating energy and nutrient-filled food; a LOT of it! The quality of the ingredients is of utmost importance, so Ton Shabu Hide takes great care to choose only high-grade vegetables and meat for the nabe served here.

Ton Shabu Hide is located in a very convenient location, near the famous Nishiki Market and within 5 minutes walking distance from Karasuma and Shijo Stations.

Awa Pork and Awa Chicken from Tokushima Prefecture

Awa pork and Awa chicken are local ingredients from Tokushima prefecture on the island of Shikoku. The meat is prized for its superior taste and nutritional value!

Awa pigs are fed a vaired diet of soybeans, corn, and seaweed as they are raised, and the meat has a lovely taste that is said to be sweeter than typical pork. Awa chicken has a lower fat content than standard chicken and is known for its wonderful, hearty texture. These meats are the pride of Ton Shabu Hide, and its recommended to try both when you're there.

A soup for sumo wrestlers

Ton Shabu Hide's special soup was created by a former sumo wrestler to suit the needs of a sumo wrestler's diet and is made by simmering vegetables in a chicken broth for five hours, which results in a soup that is packed with savory umami. The soup has a pale golden color and is quite flavorful for a shabu-shabu soup. Shabu-shabu meat is dipped into sauce after being cooked in the soup, but Ton Shabu Hide's soup has enough flavor that just a small amount of sauce is sufficient. Just a couple of bites makes it easy to see why this restaurant is so popular!

Reccomended Courses

Hide Course (Awa Pork & Awa Chicken Course), ¥3,480
If it's your first time and you're unsure what to order, we recommend the restaurant's signature Hide Course. The course includes a variety of fresh vegetables (mushrooms, lettuce, cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, etc.) as well as a generous portion of Awa pork and Awa chicken, which is the main focus of the shabu-shabu.
For those with a sumo wrestler-sized appetite, the course shown above can be turned into a 2-hour all-you-can-eat feast for just ¥500 more! If you think you're going to eat a lot, this is definitely recommended!

For those hoping to have a few drinks, there are also several courses that include all-you-can-drink alcohol as well, so look out for one of those.

Friendly, bilingual staff

Another great feature of Ton Shabu Hide is its awesome hospitality. The multilingual staff is accustomed to kindly serving patrons of all nationalities, so you will feel at ease there even if you don't speak a word of Japanese. The languages spoken by staff members include English, Filipino, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese.

Adding seafood to your course is also highly recommended!

The Awa pork and Awa chicken are essential ingredients in the shabu-shabu, but great seafood options are also available for those looking for more variety. Seafood such as shrimp, oysters, scallops, etc. can be ordered a la carte or added to an all-you-can-eat course for a small fee. The large variety of delicious ingredients available is yet another of the wonderful things about Ton Shabu Hide!

What do you say? Want to give Sumo shabu-shabu a try?

Ton Shabu Hide is a unique place to get authentic shabu-shabu created by a real sumo wrestler. The ingredients are of premium quality and the soup is excellent. Anyone searching for shabu-shabu in Kyoto need look no further than here. Check it out next time you're in Kyoto!
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