Updated: November 21, 2019
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Bistro CarneSio's meaty Italian cuisine does not disapoint! (Ebisu, Tokyo)


Bistro CarneSio in Ebisu, Tokyo, is the talk of the town for some outstanding Italian cuisine. The charcoal-cooked A5 ranked meat is just mind-blowing. And the simple smoked butter bread and rich Italian pasta are other reasons why foodies rave about this place.

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Bistro CarneSio

Bistro CarneSio is an Italian restaurant located just a 3-min walk from Ebisu station's west exit. It's very well known in the area for its delicious foods and its warm, cozy atmosphere.
What you must try there is the grilled meat. Slowly cooked over charcoal heat, the meat is salted a first time with a strong-tasting Italian salt, and a second time with a milder slightly sweetened French salt just before being taken off the grill.
The cuts change from day to day because the restaurant chooses by the day the cuts of the highest quality. The fatty one on the right here was the aitchbone and the leaner one on the left was rump steak. Both were super juicy and packed with umami. You also get served some seasonal vegetables with your meat.
You'll probably be impressed by the presentation as well. The meat shown here is pork tongues (¥1,200), one of the recommended dishes of the restaurant. It's quite a big piece of meat but if you want something smaller, note that they serve half sizes too.
The pork tongue is an interesting cut because of its almost crunchy texture. It's a very lean cut.
If you dine at CarneSio, you ought to order their signature bread and smoked butter (¥150 apiece). The bread is grilled over the same charcoal fire the meat is.
The smooth fluffy-textured smoked butter is incredibly good. It has just the right amount of saltiness and smokey taste. Spread it over the freshly grilled bread and it melts right into it.
Many patrons also order this mountain of edible chrysanthemum (¥800). Simply seasoned with some salt, olive oil and lime, it tastes fresh and delicious.
The pasta here is jaw-dropping. Everything is made with A5 rank (highest rank) Japanese wagyu beef, including this thick spaghetti sauce. As for toppings, it has some cheese and smoked butter.
The thick springy pasta is the perfect match for this sauce!
What better way to enjoy Italian cuisine than with a nice bottle of wine? The house has some pretty good options to recommend at a reasonable ¥2,800 a bottle. The manager of the restaurant is a certified sommelier so they know their wines and how to pair them!


If you'd like to dine at Bistro CarneSio you'd better make a reservation because it's an extremely popular restaurant.
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