Updated: November 25, 2019
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Try Sarabeth's afternoon tea set near Tokyo station!

Tokyo Station

For a luxurious afternoon tea set that isn't too expensive (¥1,800), give Sarabeth's Tokyo station location a try! It's the only location serving the lovely set that has two kinds of savoury sandwiches and five kinds of sweets.

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The queen of NY breakfast is in Tokyo

Highly praised in New York, where it originates, Sarabeth's is a breakfast-specializing restaurant that now has five locations in Tokyo. The restaurant's signature dishes include its French toasts, pancakes, and egg benedicts.

Enjoy afternoon tea sets only at its Tokyo station location

Every location is not the same. Indeed, at the restaurant near Tokyo station, they serve a special after tea set that you can get only there. The ¥1,800 set is gorgeous and really worth the try! Be aware though that it is only served between 14:00 and 16:30.

Here is the shop information for the Tokyo station location, and we will introduce the afternoon tea set below.
From the Tokyo station, it takes only a 2-min walk to get there from the North Yaesu exit. It's on the second floor of the Tekko building's south building.

Sweet and savoury afternoon tea set

The ¥1,800 set comprises two plates: one with sweets and the other with sandwiches.
You can start with the savoury sandwiches of the lower plate and work your way to the desserts. You get two of them: one with smoked salmon, and one with ham.
The top plate has five different sweets that change periodically. On the day we went, we got served a pound cake, a mousse pudding, a banana muffin, a cookie, and an oreo cheesecake.

It seems like a lot but everything is bit-size, so you get a lot of variety and the perfect quantity.
This small banana muffin was the best! It had a delightful banana scent, and the perfect hard texture on the outside and moist and soft texture on the inside.
Another standout was the smooth vanilla pudding which had as a topping an interesting bitter caramel sauce.
Of course, you get a hot beverage with the set. You can either have black tea or coffee. The coffee at Sarabeth's is around ¥500 so having this as part of the set adds that much value to it.


Remember that the afternoon tea set is only served at the Tokyo station location. You might want to give it a try next time you're in the area.
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