Updated: November 26, 2019
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[Ginza] Authentic Taiwanese Food and High-End Bubble Tea!


The madly popular Taiwanese food truck 'Taiwan Chaho' that saw crowds of people lining up daily for the delicious bubble tea and food has now moved into a brick and motor restaurant in Ginza called re:Dine Ginza. Anyone seeking outstanding Taiwanese cuisine or bubble tea that's a cut above the rest should head to Ginza ASAP!

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The food truck known for its long line has moved to a restaurant in Ginza!

As of November, 2019, 'Taiwan Chaho,' a Taiwanese food and bubble tea truck moved into a brick and mortar location in Ginza, Tokyo! The food truck was extremely popular and a line of hungry customers could often be seen wherever it was parked.
Apart from the authentic Taiwanese food, the shop's bubble tea, which uses premium Taiwanese teas for an unbeatable flavor, is a big part of the shop's success.

If you're a bubble tea lover or someone who's curious to try Taiwanese food, making your way to re:Dine Ginza to eat the food at Taiwan Chaho!

'Taiwan Chaho' Hours of Operation:

■Business hours
 Lunchtime:11:30〜14:30(L.O. 14:00)
 Cafe Time:14:30〜16:30(L.O. 16:00)

Exquisite bubble tea made with premium Taiwanese tea and a secret recipe

The signature item on Taiwan Chaho's menu is the simple 'Tapioca Milk Tea.'
However, the quality of the ingredients used turn this simple milk tea into something extraordinary. The milk tea can be made with any of 6 premium Taiwanese teas including '高山茶'(high mountain tea), well-known for its quality, 'Taiwanese Black Tea,' smoky scented 'Charcoal-Grilled Oolong Tea,' and others!
The teas come in a ¥500 a medium size or ¥650 a large size.
*Prices exclude taxes
The milk tea drinks are filled with Taiwan Chaho's signature tapioca pearls, made with a secret recipe that includes just the right amount of black sugar to give a slight sweetness to the tea.
Each pearl is fairly large and quite satisfying to bite into.

Visit during lunchtime for authentic Taiwanese food

魯肉飯 (Rurohan) Weekday price: ¥700, weekend price (with dessert):¥1,980
Only available at lunchtime (11:30~14:30)
We highly recommend visiting at lunchtime (until 2:30 pm), during which time the Taiwanese chef cooks up some delicious and authentic dishes.
One dish that shouldn't be missed is the rurohan shown above, which is a well-known Taiwanese dish. Rurohan is most commonly made with ground meat, but the chef at Taiwan Chaho makes hers with chunks of pork belly instead, adding a level of luxury to the dish. It's sweet, spicy, and the perfect match for a bed of white rice!

A huge piece of fried chicken, popular at Taiwan's iconic night markets

大雞排 (Dajipai) Fried Chicken ¥500
Only available at lunchtime (11:30~14:30)
Japanese fried chicken (karaage) is known for its small, bite-sized pieces. The Taiwanese-style fried chicken at Taiwan Chaho, however, is quite the opposite! Called 'dajipai,' this fried chicken is made by pounding a piece of chicken to stretch it out, increasing the crispy surface area but maintaining a juicy inside. It's popular at Taiwanese night markets and makes for a great grab-and-go snack for walking around the streets of Ginza!

Traditional Taiwanese dessert

花生湯 (Hoashentan) ¥500
Another interesting dish worth trying at Taiwan Chaho is called 'hoashentan.' It's a traditional Taiwanese dessert made from peanuts. Sweet peanut soup may sound strange to some people, but it's actually quite tasty!

Taiwan Chaho is open now in Ginza. Check it out next time you're in the area!

Finding good, authentic Taiwanese food in Tokyo is surprisingly more difficult than you might think. The food and bubble tea at Taiwan Chaho, however, is outstanding and well worth the trip to Ginza to try it out!
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