Updated: November 28, 2019
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10 superb Akihabara izakayas with the best foods and drinks!


The 10 izakayas in this article serve the best foods and drinks for the price and have that special izakaya atmosphere we all love. They're all located within a 5-minute walk from Akihabara station, and are pretty affordable too!

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Yakiton Genki

You might know "yakitori" (chicken skewers) but you might not know the lesser-known - yet arguably just as delicious - "yakiton" (pork skewers)! Yakiton Genki is a stand-out yakiton izakaya in Tokyo that is affordable and super quaint.

Get yourself some thick, juicy pork skewers grilled with an irresistible soy-based sauce at this old-school yakiton izakaya with a street terrace.

Yakiton Genki is located at a 3-minute walk from the Showa Dori exit of Akihabara station.

Yukari Akiba-Ichi

This is a super fun self-cooking okonomiyaki-teppan izakaya. The tables are equipped with a large iron plate (teppan) on which you cook your okonomiyaki (a kind of Japanese savoury pancakes).

Yukari Akiba-Ichi is famous for its unique umami-packed dashi (soup stock) that they use as an ingredient for their okonomiyaki. The dashi gives the okonomiyaki a deeper taste and that's why this is one of the top okonomiyaki places in Tokyo!

You might also want to try their spicy cod row and soy sauce yakisoba (stir-fried noodles). As for the drinks, they have a couple of variations of lemon sours that are great.

Yukari Akiba-Ichi is located inside the UDX Akiba-Ichi building, on the 3rd floor. It's about a 3-min walk from Akihabara station.


Really popular with the locals, what a nice authentic izakaya this is! The food is amazing too!

They serve essentially all kinds of washoku (traditional Japanese foods). You can have small servings of tempura, sashimi, or rich-tasting Japanese stews as you sip on your delicious glass of sake.

There is a ¥350 seat charge that comes with an entree. Part of the food and drink menu changes with the season. Always feel free to ask for recommendations (in Japanese: "osusume").

Akastsuka is located at a 3-minute walk from Akihabara station (Denkigai exit).

Akihabara Gyoko Kaikai

This is a must-try seafood izakaya with some of the best sashimi in the area! You won't go wrong with any of their sashimi seasonal assortments or "kaisendon" (sashimi on a bowl of rice). Pair that with some a sake, which they are very particular about, or a glass of shochu (Japanese spirit), and you're in for a great Japanese izakaya experience!

Akihabara Gyoko Kaikai is located a 3-minute walk from Akihabara station (Showa Dori).


This is a nice izakaya offering hearty delicious foods. For lunch, the place is actually super popular for its Torotoro Tamago No Kakuni Katsudon (¥700), which is a deep-fried large piece of kakuni stewed pork. It's so tender that you can break it apart easily with your chopsticks. On top of that, they place a super fluffy Japanese omelette. The combination is perfect!

During the day, people go there for a quick lunch, but in the evening, the place has a great izakaya atmosphere with people drinking and enjoying good foods.

Samata is at a 5-minute walk from Akihabara station.

Niku Baru Nikuson Daitoryo

Love meat? Then this might be the izakaya for you in Akihabara! They serve these jaw-dropping mix grill meat platters that you can share in a group. For a good drink, try their lemon sours in which they squeeze an entire lemon.

Niku Baru Nikuson Daitoryo has a stylish modern Japanese decor and a relaxing atmosphere. It's pretty big so you can go there in relatively large groups and they should be able to seat you.

Located a 2-minute walk from Akihabara station (Showa Dori exit).


Chinkashisai is a chuka (Chinese cuisine) izakaya famous for its spicy foods. From the hot peppers to the tofu, they are very particular about the ingredients they use so the taste has really something distinguishable from other chuka restaurants. You'll be blown away by how tasty their stone-grilled mapo doufu is!

With some nice cold beer or whatever tickles your fancy on their extensive drinks menu, this place offers a great dining izakaya kind of experience. Best of all, it's pretty cheap too! People report spending about ¥2,000 for dinner.

The izakaya is located at a 2-minute from Akihabara station (Showa Dori exit).


This is a charming little sumibiyaki (charcoal-grilling) izakaya. There's one large counter from which you can see the people in the kitchen grilling the foods, and there are a couple of tables too.

Their yakitori is amazing. You might want to order an assortment platter (5 kinds for just ¥680) of that first.

It's a great place to eat and drink at night but you can also go there for their superb lunch sets that are below ¥1,000 and come with a soup, rice, and other side dishes.

Located a 3-minute walk from Akihabara station (Showa Dori exit).

Maguro Donya Judaimae Yazaemon

Maguro Donya is a stylish izakaya located on the 24th floor of the ATRE shopping mall right near Akihabara station. The specialty is tuna, which they prepare in many different ways. You can have it in sushi or sashimi, grilled or even deep-fried with the outside cooked and the inside still raw. They also serve all kinds of tasty fresh seafood.

A good choice for sashimi is the tuna platter which contains several different kinds of tuna cuts. It's interesting to see how the taste changes completely depending on the part of the tuna you are having. They also have sake tasting sets that are fun to try.

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