Updated: December 02, 2019
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Lamb Ramen in Tokyo: Maybe Should We Call it 'Baa-men?'


In November 2019, a new ramen shop opened in Tokyo's Jimbocho neighborhood that serves a very unique kind of ramen: Lamb ramen! It's perhaps one of the rarest ramens you'll find in Tokyo and is quite interesting (and tasty) to eat! If you're a fan of lamb meat, you've got to give it a try!

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Don't be sheepish, give this lamb ramen a try!

Hitsuji Soba 'Hito To Yo' (ひつじそば 人と羊) is a newly-opened ramen shop in Jimbocho, Tokyo that offers a very unique bowl of ramen: lamb ramen. There are countless chicken, pork, and fish-based ramen shops around Japan, but lamb-based ramen is quite rare. If you're curious to see what it tastes like, I encourage you to visit Hito To Yo next time you're in Tokyo!


Hitsuji Soba, ¥1,350
This is the shop's standard bowl of "Hitsuji Soba" (Sheep Soba). Thin noodles rest beneath the surface of a clear, golden soup and pieces of lamb chashu, cilantro, purple onion, Moroccan green bean, and roast tomato adorn the top.

It's quite a fragrant bowl of ramen, and lamb lovers will instantly become enchanted by the distinct scent of lamb that wafts off the soup.
The soup is fairly clear, but the taste is very powerful! It's a big punch of lamb straight to the tastebuds that's full of umami but not too stinky (as lamb and mutton can sometimes be).

The soup is infused with some wonderful spices that give subtle accents to the flavor, adding depth and intrigue. For those who love lamb, this soup is likely your dream come true.
The straight, thin noodles are mixed with whole wheat flour and have a lovely wheaty fragrance to them.
They are perfect on their own, or delicious when mixed with some of the cilantro. The various toppings were carefully thought-out and provide the perfect balance to the lamb soup that might otherwise become overwhelming.
The ramen is topped with some great bites of meat! First is the spice and herb-infused lamb terrine shown above.

The deep umami of the ground lamb meat is enhanced by notes of cumin and bay leaf. A piece of okra in the middle provides an interesting textural contrast that is both visually appealing and tasty! This is a special topping unlike anything else you're likely to find atop a bowl of ramen!
The other chashu is made from lamb shoulder and is soft and juicy. It seems much like a normal piece of rare pork chashu as you bite it, but the flavor and umami that emerges as you chew it is unmistakably from lamb.

Lamb Lovers Need to Try this Ramen!

Everything in this special ramen, from the soup to the chashu is simply lamb-tastic. Whether you're a lamb-lover, or just curious about trying lamb ramen, I highly recommend giving this ramen a try!
I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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