Updated: December 20, 2019
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5 good vegetarian restaurants in Asakusa, Tokyo


Here are some good options for people looking for vegetarian or vegan foods in Asakusa! All the restaurants presented in the article are within a five-minute walk from Asakusa station.

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Sekai Cafe

Located in the heart of Asakusa, this cafe offers a reasonably-priced lunch that caters both to Muslim and vegetarian tourists. This fusion type restaurant serves halal and organic ingredients. It is a great place to have a burger set and relax after visiting the beautiful, but busy Asakusa district. You can also grab some tasty shakes/coffee and dessert!

Asakusa Umaimon Azuma

For sweets, this is a pretty good traditional cafe. Try their popular Kibidango dumplings, which are somewhat iconic to Asakusa. Also, they have a variety of adzuki beans-based desserts and matcha ice cream that are worth the try.

The Farm Cafe

For a healthy flavourful meal, this is a great option! The Farm is located on a quiet street along Sumida River. It's connected to Guest House En, so you see a lot of foreign backpackers enjoying their delicious vegan cuisine. Note that they also have gluten-free and halal options.

The prices are reasonable with most dishes below ¥1,500. A popular option is the tempura bowl made with seasonal vegetables.


Naritaya is situated in the heart of Asakusa, quite close to the Senso-ji temple. It is a famous ramen joint because its ramen is so good and it is also well-known for having halal and vegetarian options.

Sumida River Kitchen

This is a charming, very relaxing cafe, located on the other side of Sumida River from Asakusa.

They serve meat but they do have some vegan options. Much of their dishes are made with fresh organic vegetables. Give their delectable vegetable curry a try! Prices are about ¥1,000 for lunch.

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