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Fujimon in Shibuya: A solid yakiniku option for delicious wagyu


Fujimon is a yakiniku restaurant where you can eat some premium cuts of wagyu beef. Some of their cuts are so fresh that you can even eat them raw. Price is about ¥5,000 to ¥6,000 per person for dinner.

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If you ever visit Fujimon, one thing that might strike when looking around in the restaurant is the sight of these towering meat platters with white smoke coming out from the top like a volcano. It's the restaurant's signature meat assortment called Fuji-niku (¥3,776).
Every step has two different kinds of wagyu beef of either A4 or A5 rank (the top rank), and some rare cuts are included too.

Another appeal of this restaurant is that they have smokeless roasters so that when you're cooking your meat, the smokey smell won't stick to your clothes.
Fujimon is located at a 4-minute walk from Shibuya station. It's not too expensive, yet it has a refined atmosphere and serves quality meats.

The restaurant is spacious and they have some private and semi-private rooms, so it's a good venue if you are looking for a place for a group.

Meats so fresh you can eat some raw

The restaurant abides by strict regulations regarding serving raw meats, so you can enjoy raw delicacies such as their popular Yukke (¥980), which is raw meat that you mix in with a raw egg yolk. It's a little sweet and the egg yolk adds the perfect creamy texture.
You can also eat raw some beautifully marbled thin slices of wagyu (¥1,380). Not a single gram of fat is lost through the cooking process so the meat just melts in your mouth, releasing its natural savoury umami and sweetness.

Beef tongues covered by green onions

Another delicacy you should try at yakiniku restaurants in Japan is "gyutan" or beef tongues. Fujimon has a very special version that is covered completely by a kind of green onion puree (¥1,180).

You just need to cook the pieces quickly on both sides to achieve the perfect gyutan.
One of the most well-liked cuts of meat in Japan is "harami", or the tender beef around the diaphragm. Try this plate of harami made from specially selected black cattle wagyu (¥1,580). The pieces are thick and when you cook them they stay very tender and juicy.
There are some very interesting salad and pickled dishes too. One that you should try is the Umeboshi-kimichi (¥400). It's basically kimchi made with Japanese sour plums, something that you can only order at Fujimon. You can eat it as is or with some grilled meat. The restaurant recommends that you have it with some fatty meats because of the sweetness and spiciness which complements well the fatty content.
Having some namul is always a good idea at a yakiniku restaurant. They have a nice assortment for ¥780. It's pretty large so the portion is good for 2 or 3 people.

As a last savoury dish...

The "goraiko sukiyaki" (¥2,200) is another signature dish at Fujimon. You eat this one at the very end of your meal.

First, you get served a raw egg yolk and a rice bowl along with it.
Then the staff will cook for you a piece of sirloin meat while the egg yolk is melting.
Then once the meat is cooked, you simply wrap it around the rice ball and dip it into the egg yolk for a scrumptious creamy bite.


Fujimon is a solid mid-ranged-priced (¥5,000-¥6,000) yakiniku restaurant conveniently located not too far from Shibuya station. The food is beautifully presented, the quality is excellent and the atmosphere is stylish and relaxing too. Give it a try for a special occasion.
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