Updated: December 24, 2019
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Wagyu Tantanmen Served in a Cup at Jikasei Mensho in Shibuya's PARCO


Jikasei MENSHO is a newly opened ramen shop inside Shibuya's PARCO shopping center that serves a very unique and delicious bowl of wagyu tantanmen! We guarantee it's unlike any ramen you've tried before and is totally worth the try!

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Wagyu meets Tantanmen at 'Jikasei Mensho'

Jikasei MENSHO is a new ramen shop with the theme of Wagyu X Ramen. The shop is the newest of 10 MENSHO ramen shops around Japan (and overseas), each of which has a unique style of ramen.
Jikasei MENSHO was opened in November of 2019, in conjunction with the grand re-opening of the Shibuya PARCO shopping center which had been closed since 2016.

We went to check out the signature ramen dish at Jikasei MENSHO, the 「牛とろシビレ和牛増し担担麺」(Fatty Beef Tingling wagyu Mashi Tantanmen)!

It's Loaded with Wagyu!

Wagyu Tantanmen, ¥1,518
The ramen at Jikasei MENSHO is quite unique not just because of its ingredients, but also because it is served in a large cup. The shape is reminiscent of instant cup noodles, but the price is much about twice what a standard bowl of ramen costs due to the fact that it is loaded with expensive wagyu!

Why Use a Cup Instead of a Bowl?

Apparently the reason to go with a cup-shaped vessel has to do with more than aesthetics. Just like various wine glasses are designed to enhance the smell of the wine, these cups are also designed to enhance the smell of the ramen, making it easier to catch a whiff of beefy goodness. In addition, having a smaller surface area of soup allows for a smaller amount of fat to go further, as it can't spread out across a wide surface of soup, instead clinging to the noodles as you lift them out of the broth.
If you look at the surface of the soup with that information in mind, it's apparent how the fat and sesame paste collects to form a flavorful film on top of the soup!
Most ramen is served with a spoon as well as chopsticks, but this ramen is intended to be sipped directly from the cup.

The soup is a proper tantanmen soup, with beautiful wagyu umami, richness from the sesame paste, spiciness from the ra-yu, and tingly sensation on the tongue from the sansho pepper. It's creamy, flavorful, complex, and absolutely delicious!
The noodles are also quite special. They are made from wheat flour mixed with quinoa flour, making them a bit healthier than typical ramen noodles.

The noodles are curly and chewy, with a lovely scent and sweetness of wheat. The texture is perfect for soaking up the tasty soup with every bite.
We got the 'Wagyu Mashi' meaning it has extra wagyu in the cup. The fat in wagyu melts at a low temperature, which is why the wagyu chashu in this ramen seems to melt away in your mouth as you eat it. Every bite is umami to the max and unlike any other ramen we've had before.

If you're in Shibuya and trying to decide where to get ramen, this place is definitely worth checking out! You won't regret it!
I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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