Updated: December 24, 2019
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Where to Eat Wagyu Ramen in Tokyo! Our top Picks

Wagyu is quite a rare topping to find on ramen, and even in Tokyo, the ramen capital of the world, there are only a handful of places to get it. Here are 4 of the best, with details included. Enjoy!

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1. re:Dine Ginza

This is probably going to be one of the more expensive bowls of ramen you'll ever eat, but trust me, it's worth the ¥1,500! It's one of the most luxurious bowls of ramen found anywhere, served in a wide-rimmed bowl and filled with expensive ingredients including duck chashu, porcini oil, and of course, premium wagyu. The thinly-cut slice of wagyu is put onto the ramen while still raw and grilled lightly with a blowtorch. It then begins to cook ever so slightly from the heat of the soup as it sits there, almost like shabu shabu. When you take a bite, it melts into your mouth, leaving a heavenly umami-filled beefy flavor on your tongue.

The only downside here is that the hours are a bit funny:
On weekends, the ramen is only available at lunchtime from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. However, on weekdays, you'll have to go at dinner time from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm to get your hands on it. Look out though, the ramen isn't served on Thursdays or Fridays!

2. Jikasei MENSHO [Shibuya]

Jikasei MENSHO is a new ramen shop with the theme of Wagyu X Ramen. The shop is the newest of 10 MENSHO ramen shops around Japan (and overseas), each of which has a unique style of ramen. Here the highlight of the menu is the 'Wagyu Tantanmen,' and slightly spicy ramen that traditionally is made with ground pork, but is instead made with wagyu. The fat in wagyu melts at a low temperature, which is why the wagyu chashu in this ramen seems to melt away in your mouth as you eat it. Every bite is umami to the max and unlike any other ramen we've had before.
The soup is a proper tantanmen soup, with beautiful wagyu umami, richness from the sesame paste, spiciness from the ra-yu, and tingly sensation on the tongue from the sansho pepper. It's creamy, flavorful, complex, and absolutely delicious!

3. Setagaya [Odaiba]

'Setagaya' is a famous ramen shop with quite a reputation. There is another location inside 'Gekisenku,' one of the 2 ramen alleys inside Tokyo Station, and it usually has one of the longest lines outside of it. At the Setagaya location here in Odaiba's ramen alley, however, there's a special limited-edition bowl of 'Wagyu Chashu Paitan Men' that is available for ¥1,400. This hearty ramen features a generous portion of large wagyu slices that melt into the soup. It's definitely the bowl of ramen to try for anyone who visits the Odaiba ramen alley.

4. Marukatsu [Nakano]

Marukatsu is quite special because not only is there chashu made from wagyu on top of the ramen, but the soup base itself is also made with wagyu. The broth has a lovely deep, umami-filled flavor despite the soup being fairly light and easy to eat. Also, whereas the other ramens in this article feature slices of wagyu, this ramen has instead wagyu 'chashu' which is made from several different cuts of beef varying from A4 to A5 rank. The texture is more similar to eating very soft pork chashu, but the taste is of premium, juicy wagyu. It's something every ramen lover absolutely must try!

In Closing

This has been a brief list of 4 of the best places to try delicious wagyu ramen in Tokyo. For more information about ramen, check out our ramen article:

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