Updated: December 24, 2019
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Amazing duck meat sukiyaki and more at Torinago in Ebisu


An original and delicious restaurant option in Ebisu is Torinago. They specialize in poultry cuisine and boast quite possibly the most beautiful and tasty duck meat sukiyaki set in Tokyo.

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Located a few minutes walk from Ebisu station, Torinago is an excellent bird meat-specializing izakaya with traditional flair.

It's spacious and has private rooms in the back of the restaurant so the venue is as suitable for large groups as much as it is for dates.

The signature 'Duck Suki'

The restaurant serves various kinds of Japanese dishes made with poultry meat, but the most impressive and popular one served is the 'Duck Suki' (¥7,000 for 2 people).

The duck meat cut in thin slices is presented to you in a flower-shaped arrangement on a large plate.
The accompanying vegetable for this duck meat is negi, or Japanese green onions. You get a mountain of it cut into long thin slices.
The 'Suki' in the name means that the food is to be eaten sukiyaki style. You dip the ingredients in a soy-based, umami-packed broth and after just a few seconds of being in the hot pot, the duck and negi are ready to eat.

Duck is usually not so tender but cooked this way, it reaches the perfect texture in just about 15 seconds. Even if you put the whole mountain of negi, it's not overpowering. It has a pleasant sweetness, and interestingly because the negi is cut into thin long slices, it almost feels like you're eating noodles.
After you've had the duck and negi, you can order some noodles to cook into the broth. They have different kinds that are about ¥400 per portion. Eating the noodles last is a Japanese way of finishing a soup-like dish. The noodles will absorb the tasty broth making them extra delicious.
The Duck Suki can be your main dish, but you might want to order a couple of side dishes as well. Here are some smoked and dried long slices of chicken neck meat (¥600) that are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of cold beer. They are made in-house.
This chicken sashimi is a worth-the-try Japanese delicacy that can only be made with incredibly fresh, high-quality chicken meat because it's eaten almost raw. It's only scorched a few seconds so that the outside has a hard crust. The plate here (¥1,300) contains three different cuts of domestic chicken meat.


Torinago is a delightful Ebisu restaurant that is a bit secluded and located relatively far from the station, yet it's often difficult to get a reservation there, which says a lot about how good it is.

Aside from the great food, they also boast a good selection of sakes and wines so don't hesistate to ask for good pairings if you go!
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