Updated: December 25, 2019
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LAMB one in Shinjuku: scrumptious lamb, solo bbq-style!


At LAMB one, you can enjoy quality lamb yakinku (sometimes called Japanese bbq) on grill-by-yourself helmet-shaped skillets. Also, the restaurant is a hitori yakiniku, which means its a solo bbq-style restaurant - a much-talked-about new style of restaurant in Japan.

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LAMB one

There's a new kind of restaurant in Japan called 'hitori yakiniku', which means solo meat-grilling. LAMB one is one of those hitori yakiniku restaurants that's been generating some buzz so we went to try it out. It serves some really tasty lamb meat - something kind of rare in Japan.
We gave a try this deluxe meal (¥2,180) called the 'Zeitaku Jukusei' which has three kinds of lamb meat. It also comes with vegetables to grill as well, a soup, kimchi and rice.

The premium-quality lamb used is raised in New Zealand pastures. The cuts were shoulder, fillet, and another shoulder cut marinated in a kind of miso sauce.
The restaurant only has counter seats, as to be expected from a hitori yakiniku restaurant.

Once you've ordered, the staff will bring to your table a helmet-shaped skillet, and that's where the fun begins!

Because this is lamb yakiniku (a specialty of Hokkaido in northern Japan), it's meant to be grilled like the famous dish they have over there called the 'Jingisukan'. So the way you cook Jingisukan is by placing the meat in the center of the convex roaster and the vegetables around it.
As the meat cooks, the fat from it will melt to the vegetables around the edges, giving them some extra tasty umami flavor.
Once the meat or vegetables are cooked to your liking, simply take a bite-sized portion from the skillet and dip that into the perfect complementing sesame 'tare' sauce.

All the cuts were really tasty here, and you could tell it was quality lamb because there wasn't any strong meaty smell.
You'll probably have enough if you've ordered the set presented above but note that you can always order extras a la carte. The item pictured here piqued our curiosity so we gave it a try.

It's a nice juicy lambchop, tenderized and flavor-enhanced by being marinated in 'shio koji', a traditional Japanese seasoning made from fermented rice and salt. It was delectable! You might want to try this one with sake.
For sweets lovers, you might be glad to know that they also have some desserts such as this 'matcha warabi mochi' (¥500). It consists of super soft and chewy rice cakes covered in matcha powder, and over which you pour some 'kuromitsu', a kind of sweet black syrup often used in traditional Japanese sweets.


LAMB one is a good restaurant worth the try for the hitori yakiniku experience, and also for the Japanese-style Jingisukan lamb cuisine experience.

It's conveniently located in Shinjuku, in the heart of the vibrant Kabukicho district so next time you're there, this could be a great option.
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