Updated: April 15, 2020
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The Best Udon Restaurants in Tokyo & Take away


There are many delicious dishes that feature udon, one of the classic Japanese noodles. If you're looking for a great place to eat udon in Shinjuku, we've got you covered. Here are our top 5 picks for udon restaurants in the neighborhood.

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Kotani Udon

Kotani Udon is a famous udon restaurant located in Shinjuku. The good thing about Kotani Udon is the huge variety of udon dishes available, with everything from cream udon, curry udon, hot pot udon, and more! The food is great and the atmosphere is fun, making this a sweet spot to grab a late-night bite, but if you want more, you can add extra toppings, This location comes highly recommended for when you want a filling meal, you can use UberEats to Order your meal from your house also.

Tsuru Tontan

Tsuru Tontan is a famous udon chain located in Kabukicho. The flashy, smooth interior matches the city around it and is a popular spot all night long until it closes at 8:00 am. There's even a stage where live music such as jazz and taiko drum performances frequently take place.
The great thing about Tsuru Tontan is the huge variety of udon dishes available, with everything from classic udon, to cream udon, curry udon, hot pot udon, and more! The food is great and the atmosphere is fun, making this a sweet spot to grab a late-night bite.

Marukame Seimen

Marugame Seimen is a big chain shop specializing in udon, with more than 800 shops all across the country. They also have many outlets at the food court. Truly one of the most popular Udon restaurant chain in Japan.
If you are in Japan on a budget, go try Marugame Seimen. You will like the super cheap and amazing udon for sure! of course, if too many people traffic take away is working in this restaurant!

Itteki Hassenya

The white udon with ginger pork
Itteki Hassenya is located a 5-minute walk from the Shinjuku station. The owner is from Kagawa Prefecture, where he grew up in a family that owned an udon shop. The passion was passed down to him by his father and now he owns one of the most reputable udon izakayas in Shinjuku. The soup in their famous 'White Udon' is made from pork bones, almost like tonkotsu ramen. It is thick, savory and sweet, with part of the secret to the addictive taste being the addition of miso paste.
For people who tend to take an awkwardly long time deciding what they'll order from the menu because everything looks good to them, you can have a "half and half" option at lunchtime which allows you to select the two types of udon that most tickle your fancy. The half and half is ¥1,000 and is available at lunchtime.

Curry Udon Senkichi

One popular type of udon is 'curry udon,' which is exactly what it sounds like. Thick, chewy udon noodles go wonderfully with thick sauces like udon, so it's no wonder why this dish has become so popular. Many udon shops will offer curry udon as one of the items on the menu, but Senkichi is a chain that specializes specifically in curry udon. It makes sense, then, that the curry udon here is a step above the rest. Choose from a variety of dishes including classic curry udon, Japanese spicy udon, Italian curry udon, veggie curry udon, and more.


Sangokiuichi is one of the most famous nabeyaki udon restaurants in Tokyo. Nabeyaki udon is a type of udon where the noodles are served in a mini hot pot that is typically crammed full of other delicious ingredients. It's a favorite dish of many Japanese people in the wintertime, but the truth is it can be enjoyed year-round! Sangokuichi has 3 locations around Shinjuku, both on the west and east side. Their nabeyaki udon is very simple, but as you might already know, simple is usually the best.

Hakone Soba

Tachigui' is a Japanese word that means 'standing while eating' and refers to restaurants that have counters where people can eat a casual and quick meal while standing. Hakone Soba is a Tokyo chain that serves soba and udon dishes on the cheap! Expect to pay just ¥500 or less for a full bowl of noodles with tempura topping. Tachigui restaurants like Hako Soba are perfect for busy workers who need to grab a quick breakfast, lunch, or hurried dinner before catching the train home. The menu is simple and the food is cooked quickly, making for a streamlined dining experience. According to the owner of the restaurant in Shinjuku where we visited, many customers are in and out in less than 5 minutes! Check it out for a uniquely Japanese dining experience.

In Closing

These are 5 of the best places to get a delicious bowl of udon noodles in Shinjuku. I hope you have a delicious meal!
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