Updated: December 27, 2019
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Secret ¥590 in one Shinjuku's most iconic building! Here's how to get it!


You can have a tasty bowl of ramen at one of Tokyo's most famous landmarks: the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building! Here's how to get it!

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Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building's secret ramen

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, also known as 'Tocho', in Shinjuku is famous for its free observatory offering one of the most stunning views of Tokyo, but did you know you can also get some cheap ramen there!? That's right, it's a bit of an unexpected place to find a tasty, cheap, large bowl of ramen in downtown Tokyo, but that is exactly what you can get if you follow these simple steps!
First, you have to get there! You can walk from the JR Shinjuku Station (it takes about 15 minutes), but if you want to avoid a relatively long walk, you can get off at the Tochomae Station of the Oedo Subway Line, which is right by the Tocho building.
Next, you should head to entrance 1 of the main building. This is what it looks like. It's a bit intimidating to walk into as it's essentially an office building for government workers, but everyone is welcome to use the public space of the Tocho.
The secret ramen is on the 32nd floor of the building, but to use the elevator, you have to fill out a form.

When you enter the building, you'll see some counters on the left side of the stairs in front of you. That's where the forms are. Fill one out and you're good to go! It only takes about 1 minute.
Give the form to the security guard next to the elevators and you'll get a visitor's card that will allow you to use the elevator to the 32nd and voila! Once you get up there, you'll see this amazing view of Tokyo as a bonus. You can even see Mount Fuji on a clear day!
The floor is actually a huge cafeteria space with lots of different Japanese foods! You might even change your mind about having the ramen once you see all the delicious-looking options. There's a display of plastic foods so you can get a good idea of what the food will look like.
Here is the king of the display! The one you've been looking for! The ¥590 Tocho Ramen!
You order it from a ticket vending machine. It's called the 'Tocho Ramen' and it's the top-left option of the machine. You'll get a ticket that you'll have to give at the corresponding cafeteria counter (the counter number will be written on the ticket).
There are sometimes long lines in front of the ramen counter, but the staff there is incredibly efficient. So after about five minutes, you'll get your ramen.

It's a pretty solid Tokyo-style shoyu ramen. Not too oily, with nice springy noodles and a super savory soy sauce-based broth. Notice that the nori has 'Tocho' written on in Japanese.
The ramen is quite salty so you might want to get yourself a free hot cup of green tea to go with it!
And once you're done with your meal, take a few moments to walk around and enjoy the futuristic skyline of Shinjuku.

So that's how you have the secret Tocho Ramen. It's a fun and cheap Shinjuku adventure to experience.
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