Updated: January 07, 2020
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The Best Places to Eat Steak on Kokusai-Dori in Naha, Okinawa


Lookin' for a hearty steak dinner in Naha, Okinawa? If so, bustling Kokusai-Dori is the place to go! There are plenty of restaurants serving delicious, juicy steak, but we've narrowed it down to 5 of the best. Enjoy!

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Steakhouse 88

Steakhouse 88 Kokusai Dori location is located just about in the very middle of Kokusai Dori. It's the sister shop of the original Steakhouse 88, an old Okinawa steakhouse with a long history. The steakhouse is quite famous and even sees celebrity guests from time to time. In addition to 17 different kinds of classic American-style steaks, the steakhouse also offers more expensive cuts of wagyu, both locally-sourced, and brought in from other parts of Japan.

The steaks are served sizzling hot on a cast-iron plate and come with a variety of sides. The house original 'garlic soysauce' is the perfect dressing for these steaks.

Sam's Sailor Inn

Sam's Sailor Inn is a unique restaurant with nautical theme. The exterior of the restaurant resembles a ship, and the interior, also, is designed to feel like being inside a classic passenger ship, with an open design and galley-like booths.
Every table is equipped with a teppan which is used by a chef who will grill your order right in front of you. It's a fun dining experience with a great atmosphere, and the restaurant is quite popular and well-known.

The steak here is tender, juicy, and delicious as can be. There's nothing like digging into a steak that's fresh off the teppan right in front of you.

Yappari Steak

Yappari Steak is a steakhouse chain that is quite good. The 4th location is on Kokusai Dori, just 2 minutes away from the station. The restaurant is located on the second floor, and if you're able to grab a window-side table, you can enjoy views of the bustling main street below. The most popular item here is the 'Yappari Steak' which can be ordered in increments of 100g, starting at just ¥900. The steak can be seasoned with any of the shop's 10 varieties of steak sauce, and steaks come with soup, salad, and rice.
Yappari Steak is a bit more casual than the other places on this list and is open late (3:00 am) so it makes for a popular after-drinking spot.

Sam's Maui

Along with Sam's Sailor Inn, Sam's Maui is another of the steak restaurants in the Sam's group. This restaurant, however, has a Hawaiian theme, with torches at the entrance, wood carvings on the walls, and neon lights at nighttime. The restaurant opens at 5 pm and operates until close at midnight.
The steak at Sam's Maui is known for its tenderness. The chef will cook it to your liking on the teppan at your table, along with some acrobatic spatula-throwing performances that make for an entertaining meal. It's a great place for steak or seafood in a chill Hawaiian diner atmosphere.


Han's is a steakhouse with a relaxed atmosphere and a building made from wood taken from old Okinawan-style houses. The famous item on the menu here is the 1-pound 'Dodeka Steak T-Bone' which is available for ¥2,950. Despite its appearance, the steak is actually quite tender and easy to eat. Coat it with a bit of the garlic-rich house sauce and be prepared to get addicted to the taste!
If you eat here, you've got to do the buffet-style meal, which includes unlimited access to salad (filled with local Okinawa veggies), soup, rice, curry, and drinks. It's a guaranteed way to get full and happy!

In Closing

This has been our recommendations for 5 of the best places to get Steak on Kokusai Dori in Naha, Okinawa.
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