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A Look at the 2.5 Hour Sushi Course at Ginza's 'Sushi Fukuju' [PR]


Sushi Fukuju is a sushi restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo with amazing views of the city and an incredible omakase course that lasts 2 and a half hours. For a high-end sushi experience that you won't soon forget, this is one restaurant you'll definitely want to consider.

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Sushi Fukuju

Sushi Fukuju is one of Ginza's many high-end sushi restaurants, but with a few twists that set it apart from the rest. In addition to outstanding sushi and tsumami (Japanese-style side-dishes) made with the best ingredients available at Toyosu Market, the restaurant has an incredible location near the most iconic area of Ginza and even features a window seat with a beautiful view of the city's scenery. For those seeking an unforgettable sushi meal in Ginza, Sushi Fukuju is a great choice.

A 2.5 Hour Sushi Meal

Eating at Sushi Fukuju is an experience that you won't soon forget. There are several courses to choose from, each of which takes about two and a half hours from start to finish.
Kohada nigiri sushi
Any of the courses include at least 12 nigiri sushi pieces. The sushi will vary based on the season and the fish available at the market on any given day, but will always be fresh and outstanding.
Ootoro (fatty tuna) nigiri sushi
One of the points that sets Sushi Fukuju apart is the interesting tsumami, or small seafood dishes, which are served throughout the sushi course. If you like trying new and delicious things that you've never had before, you're likely to be delighted by a meal at Fukuju.
Fatty yellowtail lightly smoked with sakura wood chips
Sashimi smoked right in front of you, sashimi shabu shabu, and even a dish of vinegared sea cucumber are examples of the kinds of surprising and unique dishes in store. The variety of textures, flavors, smells, and colors is truly a treat for the senses.
Rice bowl with 4 kinds of roe
The standard omakase course is ¥15,000 and includes 12 nigiri sushi pieces, 7 tsumami dishes, a small rice bowl topped with 4 kinds of fish eggs (including caviar), a roll sushi, a savory custard, and dessert.
There is also a premium course for ¥20,000 which features even more premium ingredients and an additional tsumami dish.
Brushing sauce on the anago (conger eel) nigiri sushi
For a classic Tokyo Edomae-style sushi experience, sitting at the counter is the way to go. The friendly chef will serve you the sushi one piece at a time, explaining what everything is and where it came from. This is arguably the best way to eat sushi, as each piece can be eaten in the optimum time frame (within seconds of being made). However, sitting next to the window with a view of downtown Ginza is also a great option, as you get to take in the beautiful and romantic scenery as you dine.
shabu shabu red bream and uni

Uni Tasting Course

For uni lovers (sea urchin), there's a special uni tasting course at Sushi Fukuju that you must try! There are few sushi restaurants that offer an uni tasting set, let alone one with 9 different types of uni like the one here a Sushi Fukuju!
The uni course includes the same nigiri sushi and tsumami items as the regular course, plus the 9 types of uni for ¥25,000. It's a splurge that is definitely worth it for those who really love sea urchin.

Dessert (Ordered Ahead of Time)

Any of the courses will come with a fresh fruit-based dessert, but if it's a special occasion or you're simply a sweets-lover, you've got to try one of the very special cakes made inside of a whole Japanese melon! In addition to the lovely flavors, the presentation factor is outstanding. Get your camera ready for when the chef cuts into the melon!
Note that the cakes must be ordered at least one day in advance, so be sure to let the restaurant know that you want one at the time you make the reservation.


Sushi Fukuju has an amazing location in Ginza, just one minute away from the A3 Exit of Ginza Station. It's recommended to make a reservation in advance, as the space is limited and the restaurant is becoming quite popular.

For anyone looking for a high-end sushi dinner of their dreams, you can't do much better than Sushi Fukuju!
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