Updated: February 13, 2020
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5 incredible miso ramen restaurants in Sapporo


When in Sapporo, having all the miso ramen your body can take is a must. It's one of the most iconic foods of Hokkaido. Here are 5 super popular joints serving some of the best miso ramen in town.

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Over its two decades of existence, Saimi has become one of the most popular ramen joints in all of Hokkaido.

The owner-chef was trained at Sumire, which is arguably Hokkaido's most famous ramen joint (Sumire will also be introduced below). He pours his soul into ramen-making, preparing the broth of his ramen every morning from 5 AM. The soup has a fine balance of pork bone stock, shiitake mushroom and kombu dashi. He also adds some herbs and a good amount of Kouchi Prefecture-produced high-quality ginger. The pork used for the chashu is also domestic. The tender chashu is super tasty yet not too fatty. The thick springy noodles are made by a famous noodle-maker in Sapporo. They're the perfect match for the soup.

The standard Miso Ramen is ¥800. It could be sold for twice that price and still the restaurant would probably be full. Give it a try if you don't mind waiting in line or if you're lucky enough to walk by when it's not crowded.

Saimi is located a 4-minute walk from Misono station.


Sumire is known throughout Japan for making one of Sapporo's most delectable miso ramen, and also because Sumire now has a cup-noodle version of their iconic ramen sold nationwide.

This is the original location in Sapporo. It was established in the 1960s, and due to its popularity, Sumire expanded to two other locations in Sapporo. It also opened recently its first restaurant outside of Sapporo, in Yokohama.

For an authentic Hokkaido miso ramen, you can't go wrong with Sumire. It was a pioneer of the genre and to this day its miso ramen is still considered to be one of the best!

The standard Miso Ramen is ¥870. Sumire Main Store is located about a 10-minute walk from Nakanoshima station.


Keyaki's miso ramen has plenty of fans. You'll see people waiting in line to get in virtually from the time it opens until closing time.

Careful preparation is put into the ramen-making. The noodles are matured a week until they reach the perfect texture, three types of miso are used for the soup, and the chashu is made from carefully selected shoulder cuts. The result is a deep-tasting, umami-packed addictively delicious bowl of ramen.

Keyaki is conveniently located near Susukino station.

Ebisoba Ichigen

This is delicious miso ramen with a slightly different taste because shrimps are used to make the soup stock. If you like rich seafood dashi-based ramen then this might be your best bet! The aji tamago (eggs infused with soy sauce) here are particularly good so you might want to add some extra.

The Shrimp Miso Ramen here is ¥830. Ebisoba Ichigen is located near Higashihonganji-Mae station.

Ramen Shingen

They have a few different flavors here to choose from, but when in Hokkaido, miso is the way to go. Ramen starts at around ¥735 for the basic versions with the option to add on extra toppings for an additional cost of ¥105. They have a really good Shingen ramen set that comes with ramen, gyoza, and rice for just ¥1,000.

Shingen is near the Higashihonganji-Mae station.

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